Is America Ready for Another Clinton?

If you have not read the August 28th, 2006 issue of Time Magazine, you will find a self-composed look of a confident Hillary Clinton displaying an illuminating smile on its black cover. The cover title clearly describes the American divide over her potential presidential candidacy: Love Her or Hate Her. Hillary has yet to announce her candidacy, but it is very apparent to many that she will run in 2008. For example, she has already raised a whopping $ 33 million. Many political strategists have already awarded her the Democratic primary due to a weak intra party base; however, winning the general election is another story. The problem Hillary faces here is two fold: She is seen by some as being self consumed with political power and a dynastic agenda, while others see her as being too liberal. As for being too liberal, many party faithful do not trust her due to her support for war in Iraq. Remember, it is important that candidates appeal to the most loyal base during their primary run, while appealing to a more larger audience from the center during the general election. Clinton needs to convince people that she is more moderate than liberal.

And of course there is the Bill question. If she wins, what will Bill be doing? Some have contended that he will dictate the office via Hillary. I do not think this will happen. Furthermore, I do not think the Republicans have a true contender. Case in point, she is virtually running unopposed for her senate seat. In the 2008 presidential election, all she has to do is win states both Kerry and Gore failed to win: Ohio and Florida. I think she has a very good shot. Who is going to compete against her – not McCain? I have heard the Condoleezza Rice chant, however, the problem she faces is far greater than that of Clinton. Rice’s greatest challenge comes from the South where she must convince a generation of white southern males that she is not a threat to their old boy network. I find this to be virtually impossible. I have long contended that Rice is a closet liberal, one who has benefited from many liberal government polices of the seventies and eighties. And, as my mother has stated, women of color have historically faced the greatest challenges. If Rice runs for office, you can chalk up a “W” for Clinton. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.


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