Carson’s High School Football Days

You know the drill: While cleaning your home office, you find that it is difficult to stay away from those old high school albums and annuals.The above pictures are a part of my “football glory days.”

I started three years of varsity football while in high school, primarily as a defensive player; however, during my senior year, I got the start at running back. I was an all conference player at both the line backer and running back positions. I believe I rushed for just over 1,000 yards my senior year. My best year was probably my junior year in which I recorded 14 or 15 QB sacks while leading the team in tackles. We won our conference all three years but never won state.

High school football was a wonderful experience. I had coaches who helped me develop over the course of my high school years. Moreover, football helped me to manage my time as a student while developing a few leadership skills. I hate to say that I was a little self absorbed back in the days, but I was. I would later become an assistant coach, working side by side with my high school coach. That coach, Tim Perry has gone on to take his CAC teams to two state championship games. I am a much better scholar and teacher than I was a football player. However, football and a passion for books helped me get to this point in life.


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