Another Carson Critique

HCHS senior Alyssa Savana took this great picture of me with my friend and departmental colleague Suzan Phenicie. Suzan, as seen here in the photo with the fro, dressed up as a super AP teacher during hero day (part of the homecoming festivities). I have had a lot of success teaching my Advanced Placement courses over the past six years; however, much of that has to do with the many dedicated AP students I have had. I am looking forward to writing a post about my AP US & AP European history students later this week. And, I cannot forget about my very enjoyable to teach World History students. Of course with them, many are just now discovering that taking Carson is not that bad….I am actually pretty easy; I wish I could get the rest of the campus to buy this.

Suzan joined our department this year as our fifth member. She is currently teaching AP US & Politics, Government, and Economics. Although I really enjoyed teaching both AP US & Politics and AP Macroeconomics, my teaching load became much lighter with her addition. Suzan is sporting a bow tie and an academic blue (as I call it) sport jacket in her attempt to emulate me. However, she is not the first to try this. Students have been making fun of me for years, going back to my first year of teaching AP European History at CAC. I wonder if Kristi Sweeny will comment on this. Kristi, one of my students during my early days participated in such comical endeavors.

Traditionally speaking, it has become a ritual that all of my AP classes design and sport class t-shirts. My A4 AP US class decided that they would like to design a shirt mocking “my” many sayings….I am going to fight this. I am happy to know that Suzan is taking a very complimentary shot at me in the picture. I will take a student survey of the top Carson sayings ….This should be good.

As for the bow tie, I must thank a high school friend who first got me wearing them. I also had a teacher in college who wore them too. He looks much more serious in them than I do. I cannot forget to mention the Athletic Director at CAC, Doug Kilgore, who wore them religiously. Of course, my wife Janette makes me look good in them. If she does not like a tie, I will not wear it – as seen by the many ties I do not wear.

7 thoughts on “Another Carson Critique

  1. First of all, you once took points off of an otherwise exemplary essay of mine for starting a sentence wtih “and.” Secondly, we only made fun of you because someone needed to take you down a peg and I would imagine that we were the only class to apply the French Revolution by stealing your stuffed cat, exchanging it for a look-alike, mutilating it and holding it for ransom.

  2. Kristi,

    Can you believe that I still have that headless cat hanging in my room. Students ask about it all of the time. It is one of the funniest things. That poor cat. All of the things you and others did to it. AP Eiro. just took the French Rev. exam. They might want to remove the head of a (fake) cat too. You are right, I cannot believe I took points off for “and.”

  3. Hey Carson,

    I wasn’t trying to emulate you, I am changing my style of dress. You are not the only person who can sport an afro.


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