Meet Carson’s AP United States History Students





There are tdscn1221.jpgwo things great about teaching AP courses at a private school: 1) Every day I get to teach bright students. 2) I get to teach small classes. The benefit of teaching via the seminar method is that I get to hear what other students have to say about various historical and non historical topics. I have always been a fan of having students sit around a table as equals, this way everyone’s voice is heard. Clearly some students take this responsibility and duty more seriously than others; regardless, the sense of community and respect each student brings to the table makes them a joy to teach. Moreover, these students bring an array of interest and knowledge to the table. They challenge my perspective and sanity almost daily. For some odd reason, they enjoy making fun of me — constantly reminding me of all of the silly things I say. They will not take the AP exam until May, which gives us just a little time to finish the course, order class t-shirts, have a movie night followed by some type of intellectual discussion about the relevancy of the plot, and of course my annual cookout at my house, which allows me to act as if I know how to cook. I am looking forward to hopefully having each one of them again next year in my AP European History class. I think they will find European History to be a little easier than US history. There is less reading, which is always a challenge for students. The exciting part about European history is that I get to introduce students to my research and writing. I hope to blog about my European and World History students later. I usually meet with both sections 2 -3 times a week. Jenna Parrott, a student in my A1 section was not present the day both of these pictures were taken.





26 thoughts on “Meet Carson’s AP United States History Students

  1. Is that a picture of Karl Marx behind # 72? I am taking you next year. Oh, I am too old for high school. It is amazing what you can see when you click on the picture.

  2. You are still the BEST teacher I have ever had. Please come teach a few courses here at UCA. Love your blog. Do you miss Ar. and CAC yet?

  3. I miss LR at times. I am still a big Arkansas fan. Thanks for the kind words. I am sure your teachers at Central Ark. U are not bad. Good look with classes. Send me an e-mail sometime.

  4. Well, since I worked with Sir Carson for a few years, I can tell you ALL ABOUT his copyright infringements, taxing number of trees abused, and violations of Webster’s Standard American Dictionary!
    What he DIDN’T bother sharing (obviously) with any of those TX people is that he is BANNED from Arkansas—follow those “watch lists” closer!

  5. Melissa,

    We historians are allowed to add “ism” to any term. I am upset to learn that I did not coin the term “commonsensical.” I heard another historian use it while presenting a paper. That is okay, I have more.

    Remember, I recycle all of the trees I use for my courses. I am not banned from AR.; I am in self exile for the moment. Thanks for the post. This is a good class.

  6. Well, I love my AP class this year as well. However, they are such free thinkers and spirits that I may get fired for some of their comments in class. Here is the wrod for the day–in honor of you–my little Black-Marxi-Communistically Socialist Hero—SESQUIPEDALIAN. You know that you are loved, right?

  7. Melissa,

    The typo is cool – see blogging rule #3. I prefer to practice “SESQUIPEDALIAN” rather than trying to spell it – I cannot. As for your AP Sr. English class, it is good to hear about such free thinking discussions. Of course, as you know, I am way too traditional to allow my students to be free thinkers. I prefer that they just accept what I say as fact — kidding!! Do not worry about such conversations getting you fired. Only weak schools do things like that…I think.

  8. Sir Edward,
    Did you see the article about AP exams and AR?
    Finally, we are ranked in the TOP for something besides hound-dogs and car crashes!

  9. Ms. Leverett, we’ve been ranked at the top for other things too, like stupidest division one football program and murders per capita. Don’t neglect all of our achievements.

  10. Of course I knew it was you Kristi. I have been doing some work with UALR this past year. They told me that AR. was the model now for expanding AP. I guess this means more really bad essays to grade this summer for us. Do you have an internet link for that article Lev.?

    Speaking of UALR, I am conducting an AP Euro. institute there this summer. I will give you a buzz.

  11. Hey, Kristi–
    I believe that Jackson,MS had the highest murders per cap. when I lived there. I tend to set trends…hmm….

  12. It will be very different from your current experience, Ana; however, it is the type of setting that will allow you to thrive. Take this as a compliment that I would like to have you join this class.

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