Thinking about Summer

Teacherwoman has been asking me about my summer plans now for a few weeks; I will say that this summer will be far more relaxing than last. For those of you who have a desire to become an educator, the package deal is pretty good. Advice: Teach at a school with high SAT scores (it is an indicator of a school’s academic level — students). You get to enjoy the weeks off during Christmas and spring break. Oh, you also get to travel while adding more professional development projects to your curriculum vitae. Here is the academic part of my summer thus far:

  • Score AP European History essays at Colorado State University for 8 – 9 days during the month of June.
  • Conduct an AP European History Summer Institute at TCU (month of July) and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (month of June). Both events last roughly one week. I enjoy conducting these seminars. I have found those who attend to be very knowledgeable about their subject, curious to adopt and share new ideas, and very professional.
  • I am presenting a few sessions at the AP Annual Conference during the month of July. Oh, this meeting is taking place in Las Vegas. Fun, fun!!
  • I will be visiting a few elite New England boarding schools as part of my summer research on the early plight of African Americans in our nation’s most prestigious schools.
  • Attend the World History Association meeting. I am not presenting a paper here.
  • Teaching two summer school courses. We had to cancel them — I will not be around enough to do it.

Here is a brochure blurb by the University of Arkansas advertising my European History institute:

AP European History Houston Christian High School, Houston, TX Eddie Carson has a bachelor’s degree in History and Social Science and a master’s degree in Curriculum Administration/ History Education from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. For four year he taught AP World History and AP European History at Central Arkansas Christian School in Little Rock, where he served as chairman of the History and Social Science Department. He currently teaches AP European History and AP US History at Houston Christian High School. He serves as the director of HCHS AP program. Eddie is an AP European History and Vertical Team specialist for the Southwestern Region of the College Board and has presented at various two day College Board conferences and Summer Institutes, as well as at several historical and educational professional meetings. He is currently a member of the AP European History Test Development Committee and has been a European History grader for three years. He holds professional memberships with the American Historical Association (AHA), the Organiztion for American Historians (OAH), the Society for History Educations (SHE), and the World History Association (WHA).He is in the process of conducting two major projects: One focuses on the comparative educational experiences of African Americans in Northern independent schools, as well as Southern schools. Also, he is preparing to take a study/ research trip to Germany to retrace the cultural and racial experiences of WEB DuBois. European Seminar Description: Topics of both content and course construction will be presented and discussed. Ultimately, there will be a balance between pedagogy and content. The week will start by examining activities and content from the dawn of modernity to the concluding events that defined the diverse political, social, and economic diversity of formative European states. During the week, we will cover most of the major topics and themes found in the AP European History course. We will construct a detailed reading syllabus that outlines the entire academic year of 2007-2008. Special attention will be give to seminar approaches to teaching, the significance and approaches to incorporate gender and demographic studies into the course, as well as a conceptual linkage schema linking the Atlantic market to the French Revolution and the French Revolution to the rise of twentieth-century European nationalism.


12 thoughts on “Thinking about Summer

  1. Sounds like a fun summer. I like how they stuck your Atlantic Market in the seminar description, so I am guessing you will be presenting that thesis as a part of the seminar.

  2. I will be presenting my Atlantic market thesis. I have made some changes to it. I will bring my paper to Princeton this week so that you can read it. I know, it sounds like fun reading.

  3. I remember how busy you were last summer. This does appear to be better. You will be with my colleague Jennifer at CSU this summer. She is really looking forward to the grading there. Will you be doing Germany this summer or next. Last time I saw you, you were trying to get the funds together. You did not tell me about Vegas. How is your poker face?

  4. I cannot even play a hand of spades. I will be in Vegas for 4 days. I hope to catch a few shows. I might hit the slot machines. Germany will is dated for next summer. I am still saving. I will ask Houston Christian for the rest — I am sure they will say yes; I am not asking them — rejections are tough.

  5. My roommate saw some Australian strippers when she was in Vegas a few months ago. You could look into that. Also, if you are taking children with you to Germany and you need chaperones that can speak some German, I would be willing to volunteer my services.

  6. If your translation of German is better than mine, it could make this a far better trip. Honestly, I will be lucky to leave my room. I went to this same confernce last summer in Orlando and never really left the room. Of course it was being held at the Disney (Land) resort — that place scared me. Talk about conformity. I will just preach to all those sinners who are spending their rent money or house payment at some gambling table. I am thinking about sporting a sign that says “the world is coming to an end.” Is that just NY and not Vegas.

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