John Carlos Set to Speak at Democratic Socialism 2007

John Carlos (right) and Tommie Smith (center) showing the Black Power salute in the 1968 Summer Olympics while silver medalist Peter Norman (left) wears an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge to show his support for the two Black Americans. The stand that John Carlos and Tommie Smith took on the victory stand at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City launched a new era in sports activism. Hear Dr. John Carlos speak at Democratic Socialism 2007, Saturday, June 16, 2007 at 2PM and 7PMA friend of mine will be attending this conference. The three major issues to be addressed are:

  • Racism in America
  • Poverty in America
  • International human rights

I would love to hear John Carlos and Tommie Smith speak. They were seen as being un-American after they raised their fist in protest of American oppression and racism. I recall reading about them as a grade school student. Then, unlike now, I feared what they represented; however, as I got older, I realized that 1960s America could not expect oppressed black people to win golds and silvers for them. Also, many blacks did not want to fight in the Vietnam War as a protest to America’s love of Jim Crow. We as Americans have come a long way. The power of Christ’s love is great!!!


6 thoughts on “John Carlos Set to Speak at Democratic Socialism 2007

  1. As a very conservative pro American southern white guy, I also admire what they did. The abuse they took to make a point about what was wrong with America, it was worth it. I saw a special on this on ESPN Classics.

  2. I may be wrong on this,
    But wouldn’t speaking at a socialist convention simply hail him as “un-American” once again?

    I know close to nothing about this convention, but the fact that it is called “Socialism” strikes memories of anti-war protests and A.N.S.W.E.R. marches…which are about as “un-American” as it gets.

  3. Remember, we have socialism here in the United States….Welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, medicade and medicare, and in a number of states like Arkansas, universal health care for poor children. This is not like a Cuban socialist revolution; it is a meeting to find more progressive ways to ask the government to help end social problems. True, some problems will always be there, but it is an effort to educate people and inform them of ways to end hunger, human abuse in other nations, etc.
    Next year you will learn through our studies that a lot of people fear socialism because it limits choice. That is not true. Because of Canada’s health care system, the assumption is things such as universal health care is evil. The richer a person is, the “more” likely he/she will hate it. The idea is that rich people should pay a heavier cost for our quasi-socialist state that was started under FDR during the depression. At HCHS, most people and their famalies are called economic conservatives. Many (I have no evidence of this — it is just conjecture) prefer a small government to provide less money to the welfare state and social programs. By doing this, the idea is that the government will take less of their money. Thus, this is why we are “probably” a very Republican school.
    I have been involved with such activites because I grew up with little money. My efforts and support of such causes are to address two concerns:
    1. help end poverty and hunger;
    2. make sure all Americans have health care and are able to see a doctor when sick.
    These two points are why I support Obama and Clinton. More Clinton than Obama. Americans think this started in Russia….It did not. Germany was the first state to enact social programs to help its people.
    As for protest, that is what makes America great. When Bush travels to other countries and has to hear all of the protest, he uses protest as an example of democracy. People can protest without fear of being killed such was the case in Russia and is the case in some Middle East nations.

  4. I agree Carson. You are right here. I am not sure Clinton will do as much to help this as you are thinking. Keep wishing.

  5. Just for clarification, the event is called “Socialism 2007” and it is a gathering put on by revolutionary Trotskyist socialists. The difference between this line of thinking and Stalinist politics is that “socialist” revolutions in places like Cuba and the USSR simply replaced the rule of private capitalists with the rule of state bureaucrats who exploit people all the same (Stalin had Trotsky, much of his family, and many of his comrades murdered for calling Stalin out on his betrayal of the revolution), so they are not in fact socialist. To be clear, socialism means that society is run to meet human need, not that there are a few social programs (which are being cut by the way…Bill Clinton gutted welfare, remember). Basically, the organizers of the conference advocate the self-emancipation of the working class, where workers democratically run society through their own debates and votes and actions and organizations.

    The purpose of the conference itself was to build a stronger Left, and was attended by everyone from revolutionaries to progressive Democrats, as well as to build a stronger revolutionary left.

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