Re-Working the Conference Paper during Day Two at Colorado State

As some of you know, I have been re-working a conference paper to submit to a journal for publication. A friend and colleague of mine who teaches at a large university in a very cold state has been reviewing it for a few weeks. Actually, it has been sitting on her desk for a few weeks. Her husband told me that she just picked it up a few days ago. Because we are here at Colorado State University, I was able to ask her a number of questions about additional changes that are needed. The paper which is entitled The Atlantic Market Thesis is a piece that has gone through two revisions — one before an ’06 July & September conference presentation and another since then. She thought the writing and analysis was good, but the historical content and pedagogical connections were a little unclear. Thus, I am spending tonight in the library making some changes to my paper and to a writing assignment for the AP European History Test Development Committee. For the most part, I have been teaching my Atlantic Market paper to my AP European History classes for the past two years; it is the base of my course.

Here is the problem: It sounds too much like this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon.


9 thoughts on “Re-Working the Conference Paper during Day Two at Colorado State

  1. Confusing someone with your words is the easiest way to make someone think you are smarter than them. Big words help to.

    If you are able to even confuse the scholars, than this must be a pretty smart article.

  2. You did not ask me to review it, I am hurt. Good luck getting it done. I realize it has been a thorn in your side to have this project hanging around. I love the cartoon. It does say a lot about our egos.

  3. A pretty smart article or a very unclear one; I think it is just too smart. There is no way that anything I say or write is unclear. As teacherwoman stated, a good paper, a good class discussion, or a good public thought is an idea that cannot be challenged. How? Make it so unclear from the start that you are left to say “but how could you not get it.”

    Actually, I am only talking about 3 pages worth of revisions. However, it forces me to have to plug in a few more sentences here and there as well as move around some citations.

  4. Her idea that one’s ego is the most important and sacred thing to keeping ones individuality (“I” not “we”)

    I’m no expert on Objectivism, but I could understand the ideas of freedom and individuality in her books.

    I’m scared to start’s very large

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