Bonnie Smith’s Lecture during Day Four at Colorado State

Bonnie Smith

Above: Bonnie Smith

I am not sure as to how many AP European history exam essays I have read so far, but I am learning a lot about what to teach my students not to do. I am just returning from a post-lecture reception where many of us were discussing the reading and Bonnie Smith’s paper that she delivered tonight. Her paper was entitled Teaching European History with a Global Focus. Smith’s presentation has given me a few new ideas as to adding non-European historiography into the teaching of the Enlightenment. I am looking forward to doing some reading and studying on how Asia, America, and the Middle East contributed to and inspired a lot of the 18th century European Enlightenment. If you are not familiar with Ms. Smith, she is the former chair person of the AP European History Development Committee. Furthermore, she teaches and conducts research at Rutgers University (here is her faculty page). The Euro Development Committee is made up of high school and college instructors from various institutions. The committee makes most of the major decisions as to the direction of the course, its content, as well as the writing of the national exam. I was not on the committee when Bonnie was the chair person. Here is a brief description and current committee member list as found on the College Board’s web page:

Development Committee Members
These dedicated educators play a critical role in the preparation of the Course Description and exam for AP European History. They represent a diversity of knowledge and points of view in their fields and, as a group, are the authority when it comes to making subject-matter decisions in the exam-construction process. The AP Development Committees represent a unique collaboration between high school and college educators.

Committee Chair

Michael J. Galgano, James Madison University; Harrisonburg, Virginia

Committee Members
Julie Allen, South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities; Greenville, South Carolina
Celia S. Applegate, University of Rochester; Rochester, New York
Eddie Carson, Houston Christian High School; Houston, Texas
John M. Merriman, Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut
Jessica S. E. Young, Oak Park and River Forest High School; Oak Park, Illinois

College Board Advisor
John F. DeFelice, University of Maine at Presque Isle; Presque Isle, Maine

Chief Reader
George Munro, Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, Virginia

Chief Reader Designate
Jeff Hamilton, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

ETS Test Specialists
Lawrence Beaber
Paul Borysewicz


4 thoughts on “Bonnie Smith’s Lecture during Day Four at Colorado State

  1. I am glad the trip is going well. See you at U of A at Little Rock in a week. You should write abot what you are seeing students write. I guess you will us when you get to the instiute.

  2. I am reading the French Revolution question. Essays are better than last year, but I think the grading standard is much tougher. Students wrote some good things that they will not get credit for writing. Students did not follow directions. They have to stay on task. Pat, have we met before?

  3. I promise we’ll get a meal. I’m not sure when it will be, but it looks like Wednesday dinners work best for me right now. We’ll figure it out.

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