Colorado State University, Day Five of AP Euro Reading

I had dinner with four wonderful colleagues at a great Italian restaurant tonight. Unless we are at a conference together or co-presenting at a conference, we only see each other here during the summer months, and when we travel to work and meet at our four day fall and spring meetings — usually in Manhattan or  Princeton. Afterwards, we attended a lecture by Kay Edwards who spoke on Haunted History: Ghost, Death, and Science in the Early Modern and Modern History.” The lecture and visuals were very good.

What are the chances that a faculty member will be given four essays written by his/her students? Well it happened today. Roughly 95,000 students took the exam. Each student wrote a total of three essays — you do the math. She noticed that the handwriting looked very familiar; she turned the paper to the back to examine the school code then stated “this is plug student name in here essay.” All essays are scrambled and coded so that we do not know who wrote the paper; however, some people such as myself will on occasion look at the back of an essay to see the school code. Why? After reading a ton of French Revolution essays in which the best thing you have read was “Queen Marie Antoinette famously said let them eat cake,” you are looking for a good paper to read. When I get a number of really good ones in a row, or bad ones, I like to see if they are from the same school.


3 thoughts on “Colorado State University, Day Five of AP Euro Reading

  1. Found your blog while playing. I was at this lecture. The reading is going so well. Grading those DBQs is a killer. I will have to look for you before we leave CSU. I will be back.

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