It is Tough being Back

I spent the day touring the city of Little Rock taking note of the many changes. The two things I noticed the most were the major building and renovation projects taking place on CAC’s campus, and the construction of the new downtown baseball park for the Arkansas Travelers. After a very light dinner with a few colleagues, I went for a nice run in downtown Little Rock. I am not the runner nor am I in the type of shape I used to be in, but there was an energetic spirit that pushed me around a good part of the skyline area tonight. I knew coming back to Little Rock would be tough emotionally, but I did not anticipate my visit being as difficult as it has been. If you talk to my family or my friend Anita Davis, they will tell you that I have been pretty homesick for the past three years.

Tomorrow is the first day of my week long seminar. I am excited and looking forward to the energy and enthusiasm other teachers will bring. Academic institutes are like the first day of school, if you can survive day one the rest is down hill.


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