Great Institute at the University of Arkansas

The European history institute I conducted at UALR might have been one of the best conferences ever. I got a chance to have dinner with old friends and colleagues each night while visiting a few local sites. Just like the students who take my advanced courses, the conferences I present at are only as good as those who attend. I have been pretty lucky thus far to have presented at various places where bright energetic people have attended. I would like to say thanks to all of you who attended my institute. I hope you will stay in contact with me over the course of next year. Also, thanks for the Da Vinci gift, the acorn, and buying me lunch. And the card all of you signed was nice! More than anything, having time to chat with Susan Picken brought back a lot of memories from the days I attended school at ACA.

It was also great catching up with and having dinner Kristi Sweeney, a former student, as well as Lori Delk and Jami Rollins, two friends and colleagues from the Mills University Studies School. Oh , an there was my dinner at the Starving Artist with Jo Anne Rolar, Teresa Tyra, Lori, Jami, and Gene Chase. It feels good at times to have a dinner conversation with academics who are more liberal than I.  Before I headed back to Houston on Saturday, I made a quick trip to Harding University to meet and chat about a few future plans with Don Eudaly — it was a great meeting. It was a very good experience visiting Little Rock again.

I will spend this week taking care of a few business items before catching a flight to the University of Denver. As for the 4th of July, it will probably be an Astros game.


3 thoughts on “Great Institute at the University of Arkansas

  1. It was great seeing you in the BIG city. Stop being so smart and busy and come see us again. It is good to hear that we are still home.

  2. Of course it was great having dinner with me. Everyone always thinks that doing anything with me is fabulous. By the way, I’m going to update my blog before the end of tomorrow.

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