Michael Jordan the Capitalist

I have always wondered why Michael Jordan never did more with his wealth and fame. He is arguably the greatest celebrity in modern times, but his lack of interest in promoting causes other than his name and his bank account are questionable at best. As great as the late Arthur Ashe was to fighting racism and Apartheid, imagine the impact he would have had if he carried the initials MJ? I keep waiting for MJ to do more besides spending millions at a Vegas card table. I have not given up. He is only in his 40’s with plenty of time to find a cause other than money.

I cannot talk much. What have I done besides a few charity donations to end global warming and global poverty. ESPN’s Granderson writes:

“When I think of the large cultural space he occupies — even in retirement — and the fact Republicans buy sneakers too” remains his most memorable contribution to the political landscape, I am truly baffled that he can rest peacefully at night. I don’t care if he’s a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. But while his iconic Nike labelmate, Lance Armstrong, has become synonymous with yellow wristbands and the cancer fight, MJ, who is far more influential, continues to steadfastly sidestep using his image for social change, even as it relates to issues of the global black community.”

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7 thoughts on “Michael Jordan the Capitalist

  1. You cannot blame him for being ambitious and private. Not all people are gifed public leaders like Ashe. I wish he would not tell the world about how much money he wastes, but it is his life. As he stated before, he just wanted to play basketball. He needs to work on his ownership skills. He really suckas as an owner.

  2. I believe you just contradicted yourself in your comment James. Either he’s private, OR he tells the world how much money he spends. It can’t be both.

  3. Great article. There’s always room for growth. Even in the work and efforts of those we’ve labeled “the best.”

  4. If he were not black, we would not be having this discussion. Think of the many white “capitalist” who could make a difference. Why are we not talking aboy Peyton Manning?

    You did contradict yourself James. That’s ok, I do it all of the time.

  5. Granderson di state that:

    “Before going any further, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that Jordan has done, and continues to do, a great deal of philanthropic work. I know that his mother, Deloris, is a tireless worker who has taken up such causes as helping to build a Boys and Girls Club in Chicago and providing aid to villages in Africa. I know these things because I looked it up. Of course finding the Jumpman logo took a lot less effort.”

    Just like on the court, we too often look for him to make the big move.

  6. Making donations and doing charity work should be and is something people are congratulated on, but who has the right to ridicule a man for not spending his hard earned money on others.
    Even if it is the “right” thing to do, it is not something that anyone should ever be pressured into doing. Would that not take any all fulfillment out of charity?

    And to Jen,
    One of the reason why this article was even written is because of the name recognition that MJ has and is not using for someone else’s agenda.
    Mr. Carson is correct in that he is one of the greatest celebrities, where as Peyton Manning, while popular now, will probably not have his own shoes still being sold 10 years after his retirement.

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