The Eight Questions Meme: From Tenured Radical

I got tagged by the Tenured Radical. According to her, unlike the original game of meme, I am supposed to create and answer my own questions. I would love to read your response to my Q & A. For the record, I am trying to have some fun with this. Let us see if I can get this right:

  1. Why do women instead of men take off of work for a sick child? This is an easy one: women do not trust men. I suspect it has a lot to with their fathers. Men tend to rub dirt on the problem and pray that it goes away; however, professional women who had loving fathers growing up assume their father was the exception and not the rule. Ladies, send your significant “male” other home for once. I suspect this is an excuse to get out of committee and/or department meetings. For the record, I have no children of my own. I really do not have an answer here. I will say this, I would love for the government to push legislation demanding that employers provide at work day care. I am willing to pay more in taxes for this.
  2. What is so taboo about hiring a 13 year old boy to baby sit? When I was 13, all of my cool female friends were hired to baby sit after school. After a number of efforts to secure such employment, I was never offered a job. I realize that I probably would have called all of my buddies over to play a game of indoor football, but the parents hiring did not know that. I say end gender discrimination.
  3. If the Establishment Clause is designed to protect the individual from state religious authority, how is it that people have allowed the government to politic this type of religious authority on members that might be atheist or agnostic?According to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, Congress cannot establish a national religion or preference one religion over another. Clearly the Framers put such a document in place to protect Americans from the authority and persecution of a religious state; yet, I read campaign e-mails asking Americans not to support Obama because he supposedly is Muslim — which he is not.
  4. Why do “some” white women lock their car doors when they see a black man walking toward them? I prefer to think they would do this regardless of a person’s skin color; however, my experience with this situation has taught me differently. Either some of them watch too much T.V. or they learned from their own mother. I wear bow ties and sport jackets; if you are going to fear me, I would do so for a number of other reasons. A black man in a bow tie can only be dangerous in thought, not action.
  5. Why are people so conservative? I think too many Americans fear being different. They fear embracing different types of people, ideas, and experiences. It is far easier for one to conform rather than be different. Liberalism has taught me to love and embrace all people. Funny, but the Bible teaches this as well.
  6. What in the world does “traditional values mean?” I like to spend a lot of my reading and writing time at this great Bohemian spot that welcomes all types of people. True diversity is the most beautiful thing one can experience; if that is the case, why does society use the term traditional values to show their disapproval of diverse views and people? I often hear that the 1930s and 40s were the last decades of traditionalism. Families were cohesive and moral; young men worked hard for an honest dollar; and young ladies behaved the way they were expected to behave. I do not think people know what traditional values mean. During the 30s and 40s I had few rights thanks to Jim crow. And, both women and liberals had little voice.
  7. I teach advanced history courses to bright high school students. Do I have an easy job? Not at all. I am in a position to challenge and be challenged almost everyday. My prep work involves reading, reading, and more reading. To do my job one must love to read. Furthermore, the ability to juxtapose then compare multiple arguments are important to teaching an analytical history course. I have long stated that I do not prepare for class by drafting a lesson plan; I prepare by reading. If you enjoy reading, writing, research, traveling, and grading, you can do my job. I am doing what I always wanted to do. True, it is not like pouring concrete during a hot July month, but it is an endurance test of the mind.
  8. Is Hollywood “really” liberal? In comparison to the rest of America, yes. Let us see: Hollywood has given America what it fears the most: a black God; Will & Grace; a female president; a black president; interracial couples; and free speech. Though, have you noticed that TV commercials do not use interracial couples in its advertisement. I realize this is less of Hollywood and more of capitalism.

I am passing this tag on to Kristi Sweeney, Luke Dockery, Matt Lee, Jeff Baker and Kile Thompson, Tram, Maurine Free, and the Rational Psychic.


17 thoughts on “The Eight Questions Meme: From Tenured Radical

  1. No, No, No!!! No boys allowed when it comes to baby sitting. Carson, I will not discuss my significant other here, but we do not have to worry about #1.

  2. “A black man in a bow tie can only be dangerous in thought, not action.”

    That’s a great line. Regardless of anything else, if the guy walking up is wearing a bow tie, you can rest assured he ain’t gonna rob you. Though, he may challenge you to a game of chess.

  3. Oh where to start? One, I say that if a parent WOULD let a 13 year old boy babysit, then they should probably have their child taken away from them because any parent worth their salt knows that a 13 year old boy is going to, at the very least, destroy their house. Two, my dad stayed home with me all the time. Who knew my family was enlightened? Also, it’s a known fact that women are better caregivers than men because we care more than men do, and that’s probably at the root of why women stay home more than men do. Besides, we’re obviously worth less money, so it costs the family less if we stay home. Also, if you’re the kind of person that locks your car when you see a black man nearby, then you are the kind of person that can be hurt by someone in a bowtie. Those are just starting responses to your questions. I have to pack up my entire house now, but when I get bored, I’ll be back.

  4. I have heard that before about 13 year olds. As for the bow ties, I am with Saij, just pull out a game of chess, or the news papers to place bets on horses. When you get time Kristi, you have to come up with eight. Good luck with the new apartment.

  5. In response to #2 . . . its not taboo, its the condensed logic of the ages. What mother looks at a 13 year old boy complete with scabby knees, grass stained clothes and unwashed hair who has yet to master the art of putting on deodorant and thinks “Well he does such a good job caring for himself, I’m sure he’ll do the same with my children!” My mother doesn’t trust my 13 year old brother to take care of himself much less others.
    And number 5/6 I’ve been experimenting on my parents and with the exception of a few things they inherited from their parents, they’re a lot more liberal than they realize. I think people just cite “traditional values” to feel some sort of moral superiority. No one actually believes in traditional values anymore. Last time I checked even my grandmother who was raised then wants me to have the right to wear jeans, go to college and decide at what age I want to marry. Even if she does think I’m going to seminary, she wants me to finish unmarried.

  6. Lerin,

    I had to ask # 2. It is not unusual for me to ask students to house/cat sit for me when I travel for long periods of time. But, I will not ask any of my male students to do this — only females. I am not surprised to read your comment about your parents. I do believe that the more education one has the more progressive they are. This explains your parents. BTW, tell her “Fever” was good.

    As for: “I think people just cite “traditional values” to feel some sort of moral superiority. No one actually believes in traditional values anymore.”

    It is still those who use this to promulgate their advantages in life that bother me the most.

    Enjoy your time at Davidson College. I am looking forward to hearing about it.

  7. I’ve known a few 13 year old boys who might’ve been able to pull of baby-sitting. However, I’ve known far more canines who could’ve done a better job than those boys.

    On another note, it just hit me: As you yourself said, Carson=Liberal, Hollywood=Liberal. So it logically follows that Carson=Hollywood, right? How does “Hollywood” Carson strike you as a nickname?

  8. Can I not do just 4 or 6 for partial credit? And do I have to answer them myself? Or am I allowed to be a three year old and sit with my arms and legs crossed and steadfastly refuse to do it? Alright, so I won’t really do that last thing.

  9. Hey Maurine,

    You answer them on your blog. Yes, you get to write and answer your own questions. I am sure you have some great Hannah questions. Tell Nate I said hi!

    No extra credit Kristi. I have never given extra credit.

  10. Number 8…you couldn’t be more right
    It seems every other movie I see has some hint of propaganda in it (just look at Happy Feet)
    What scares me is how in movies their ax to grind is hidden and almost brainwashing instead of open and blatant like it is in modern music (If a song is about saving the earth or supporting the troops, it’s obvious)

    Or maybe I am just freaked out about the liberal take over. Yeah, probably that.

  11. I would not call it a liberal take over. The nice thing about Americans is that we are pretty good at keeping each other in check. Speaking of Happy Feet, have you read this blog piece Lerin Rutherford wrote on the movie. It is really good. Type Happy Feet in the search box and it wil come up.

  12. I think the “traditional values” designation for the ’30’s and ’40’s is often a bit of revisionism at work. Or, if there was a “golden” period here (for white men) then it was an oddball compared to the previous history. I think about The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I don’t think that exploitation, child labor and complete lack of security (say, you lose your arm on the job and receive no compensation or disability pay) really count as “traditional values” for most of us today.

    By the way, Carson, if you want the “Hollywood” nickname, you may have to drop the bow ties. “Carson” suits you just fine.

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