Tight Schedule

I will finish the European history institute I am leading today at 4:00. Then, I will make my way to the Denver airport where I will sit and work until my flight departs for Las Vegas at 10:00. I am set to deliver one of two presentations at 9:00 AM Friday. Sunday is my last day in Vegas where I will spend the entire day conducting a seminar. Afterwards, a late flight will put me in Houston roughly around 12:30 that night; my car is packed and ready to depart for Texas Christian University (TCU). As long as I get on the road by 2:00 AM, I should arrive at TCU for my morning session. Wow!!!


12 thoughts on “Tight Schedule

  1. don’t do it. you’ll fall asleep at the wheel on the trip to TCU. seriously, you need some mega caffeine or something. you’re gonna be ready to drop by the time you hit Houston, and then take off to TCU?

  2. Don’t listen to him. You can sleep on the plane and drink coffee. I do things like that all the time. Of course, I’m younger than you, so that might have something to do with it. Alternatively, you can listen to the advice people give me all the time and stop trying to kill yourself. Its really up to you.

  3. “Younger than you…”? Ouch, Carson, the people who call you ‘friend.’

    Because of your energy, interests and YOUTH, I’m wondering if you also publish articles in journals for your profession. Can you give me an idea about how much time this takes up? How long do you spend writing a journal article, etc.?

  4. Do you get any free time in Vegas? I dunno if you ever watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN, but the 2007 tournament is in progress right now (and will air on TV in August).

    Or, get some sleep! Sounds like you are going to need it. Travel safe.

  5. Traveling, writing, speaking, teaching, and tight schedules…..not to mention driving in the middle of the night…..I can relate to your schedule Eddie, and I think a few large does of caffiene on the way to Ft. Worth, along with the requisite restroom stops will work out just fine…..safe travels….

  6. I do not have much choice here. I will (if I can) sleep on the plane. I am not as young as I used to be, but I can still hold my own. As for advice, I am great at giving it but poor at following it. Dutro, I am ready for this night drive. My years at Harding will help. I once left campus on a Thursady at 1:00 AM to drive to Montgomery (8 hours). Oh, I did this a few times. I do not want to hear old jokes here Kristi; I realize I was probably only 19 then. I have seen the poker competitions on ESPN. I will leave that for Young. I cannot even play a simple game of Goldfish.

    Phil, you are the man with the schedule. Teaching and finishing your PhD this year — I got it easy. Your schedule is far tougher.

  7. I have only submitted papers to present at a few conferences in the field of education and European history, though, not as many as Phil who I believe has published some works. I am not sure. I am submitting my first paper for publication in a few weeks. A friend and colleague of mine at the University of Rochester has been peer reviewing it for me. I need to make some changes. As for time, I am currently working on a paper dealing with Atlantic history that has taken far longer than it should have. With my travel schedule, teaching load, and consultant work, it takes me longer than it would most people. Also, I have a few papers in the works (not good). I am just about done with one addressig race and private schools. I still need to travel to a few places before I can really say it is complete. I had hope to present it at the NAIS meeting this year. It is already too late.

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