European History Institute at TCU

Today is my last day here on the campus of Texas Christian University; I did not visit the library at all to work on a European History assignment, as I had intended to do. However, my evenings have been fairly busy with minor activities and a great deal of socializing. After spending the early part of the week instructing participants on the direction of the AP European History exam, I spent the last two days talking about changes in European historiography and content direction. I have done a great deal of reading over the past two years on race and European culture. Yesterday I spokeĀ about my Atlantic history work and how the period known as the European enlightenment shaped the critical questions of race and capitalism. I also mentioned that Europeans during the early modern period invoked the will of God to support their theoretical notions of modernity. I really like this topic.

Overall, it has been a very good week. TCU is awesome. Those who attended are bright, positive, and willing to share their expertise. I should arrive in Houston tonight only to hit the road again tomorrow. I would like to thank the many educators who attended my TCU institute. You made my experience a joy. Please stay in touch.


5 thoughts on “European History Institute at TCU

  1. Eddie…Great conference. Learned even more than last year. Great resources and I’m excited about kicking this year off. You handled the know-it-alls with great skill and kept the dialogue flowing freely. Great job and hope to see you round the next palm tree.

  2. Its good to hear that things went well at TCU. Have a nice trip to those boarding schools in the northeast. The research should be fun for you.

  3. Eddie,

    Thank you again for an awesome week. After teaching the course for a year, I was in a competely different state of mind this summer as opposed to last. Most importantly, I knew which areas were my greatest weaknesses and I feel as though I was able to focus on specific ideas to improve my course. I look forward to seeing you again next summer, if not sooner. Take care.

  4. Marc,

    Again, thanks for the wonderfull leadership you provided. I look forward to hearing about your courses and students. I hope to see you again in the future. I will be writing some on this blog about the transformation of my Euro. course. It will be going through a number of changes. Oh, by the way, the picture of your kids are great. They are lucky!!!

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