Campus Construction

An overview of the Houston Christian High School campus

     Above: Houston Christian School Campus

                          Above: Court Yard

I spent a little time on campus today working on an AP program manual and trying to finish my fall syllabus for AP U.S. History; I have not started on AP European History or World History’s syllabus. The challenge I face each semester when drafting a syllabus is balance. My desk was covered with journals, primary documents, historical monographs, two laptops and a calander. After three hours of work I only made it to week six of an eighteen week semester. It is my goal to challenge students without making their life miserable with the amount of course work I assign.

I did take a second while on campus to observe all of the construction work. The foundation is almost set for the construction of our second gym, and our 8-9 million dollar fine arts center. They are supposed to start construction on the campus tennis center in the next few weeks. With the completion of our 4 million dollar chapel building a year ago, the campus is coming together well. I hope to meet with the head of school about where he intends on placing my statue; I am still waiting for them to build one of my former star student, Eric Solomon. He is still a king on campus. Before my ADD campus tour, I spent an hour on the phone with Jeff Grooms, a former CAC AP European History student. Jeff just got back from Germany where he spent time doing reserach for his undergraduate thesis. Oh, and the history department at the University of Arkansas paid for the trip. You are killing me Jeff; I spent time in a library in Searcy, Arkansas.


11 thoughts on “Campus Construction

  1. Walking around all this construction all the way till winter is going to get annoying.

    I can see Dean having to stand by the construction tape in order to not have students just going through it.

  2. We are pretty excited about the additions; however, Walker has a point, construction is not set to be done until January. Getting around campus will be a mess. Oh, Walker, they removed the big center court tree and put another (smaller one) there two days ago. It was blocking the equipment.

  3. I agree with the construction. I like it sometimes but the noise can be very distracting during class or even sometimes the smell of the tar. The construction wouldn’t make it harder during winter though if so then im confused how. Wait r u guys talking about the tree in the founders circle?

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