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A number of Houston Christian School students have sent me e-mail invitations to join their Facebook. I really have no clue as to what facebook is. While reading different Facebook profiles of students, I came across a Facebook page entitled War on Carson and Death to his Ambiguous Test of Doom. What you have here is a discussion page where students chat about my lengthy multiple choice questions, assignments, etc. Honestly, it is all in good fun and humor, which I encourage from students. The picture above was found just below the title.

It is true that my questions can be a bit long and complex: 2 -3 answers that sound correct when in reality there is only one BEST answer. Oh, and they love the DBQs. In general, I have had some great students thus far. AP US History students did really well on the AP Exam in May, as did AP European History students. I am looking to find new ways to get my AP US scores up to par with European history….This is difficult in that out of all of the years teaching European History, 89% of students earned a score of 3 or higher except for one year back at CAC. To be truthful, the US History Exam is, in my qualified opinion, more difficult. Better yet, the AP US History Exam has the lowest national scores. My ’06 – ’07 group were at 79% -80%. I am convinced that with more work we as a class can get this to 95%.

Still, I would like to think that we are doing things far greater than a 3 hour exam in May; we are learning, building relationships, and hopefully having fun in the process. Unfortunately for me, as seen on Facebook, some are having fun at my expense — which is cool.


11 thoughts on “Carson on Facebook

  1. Carson, I’ve been meaning to ask you this, and this post reminded me of it. What percentage of students in an AP History class should get a 3 on the exam, if the class is done well? I’ve got some concerns about the one my boys have been enrolled in, and want to have a good objective measure of the effectiveness of the class, itself.

    By the way, good photo. Nice teeth.

  2. I am not sure how students got that picture off of my faculty web page. As for AP US History, roughly around 50% of students earn a 3 or higher. Here is a good course — keep in mind that I believe my AP courses are far better than what a student will get in a first or second year university course.

    – It should be student centered and engaging
    – lots of reading, writing, and primary document work
    – well organized: a student should know the direction and intentions of the course
    – I give my students a pretty detailed syllabus regarding the reading, writing, etc
    – It should move at a pretty good pace
    – Your sons should be doing 10 hours of work per week
    – comfort and contribution of all members is the key; if there is no trust in what the teacher is doing, it is a bad course. Moreover, the teacher should really know his/her stuff.
    – I always invite students to challenge my interpretation of history. They know that I know my stuff, so trust is never an issue.

    Oh, I am looking forward to speaking at Harding. I have a few things I need to e-mail the group.

  3. I’ve decided to start responding to your blog. Your facebook somehow as a great photo! I think that a student of your must have a sense of humor, an extreme critical thinking skill and able to challenge your interpetation of history.

  4. I wish I could’ve seen this group! It would be really nifty if you could join facebook Mr. Carson 🙂 And your tests, they are rather long & the class is a tad bit difficult but I like a challenge! I think I’m really going to miss your class next year!

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