Writing and Research Goals

With classes set to start next week, I have drafted a schedule for the year that will allow me to balance my research and writing time with that of my primary duty, teaching. My Atlantic Market paper is all but done, with the exception of some editing and topical expansion. It has been reviewed and the recommendations made to increase its likelyhood of publication are minute. Here are a few other things on my desk:

  1. Again, with the exception of some minor editing, I am ready to present my work on Russian – American expansion. This is a spinoff of my Atlantic Market paper. An abstract and one page C.V. are due to the director at Williams College in two weeks. Oh, this Frontier Conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah this October.
  2. I presented a paper on teaching European history using digital images this summer. I was asked to expand this work for submission to a journal called The History Teacher; I will spend a weekend or two during the month of September polishing and expanding this paper.
  3. Dutro invited me to give a brief lecture on race, education, and Du Bois at Harding University in November; I have already started outlining and drafting my notes.
  4. As a member of the European History Test Development Committee, I am responsible for writing a DBQ as well as a number of other multiple choice and essay questions. I hope to re-work the writing of the DBQ by the end of August.
  5. In preparation for my future trip to Germany, I will be visiting a few archives and libraries across the country that have resources needed for study and pre-writing of Du Bois German experience. Also, I am thinking about taking a couple of German language courses this year. I really need to for this project.
  6. I am spending way too much time analyzing and writing a review of Ed Blum’s book on Du Bois. I have been reading and comparing Blum’s material to that of others. This should have been done two weeks ago.
  7. My research on American independent schools is in a state of infancy; I will be making more campus visits to the North East in the spring. More study is needed here.

12 thoughts on “Writing and Research Goals

  1. I do intend to write a blog piece about my Harding visit; it will be fun. As for Germany, I have been interested in this topic for a very long time. When I first started reading about Du Bois experiences there, I knew it was a matter of interest to me. I would love to be able to speak German well, but it will be far easier for me to learn how to read and translate. The biq question is do I take the course for a grade or just audit it?

  2. Take it for a grade. It costs the same and it gives you a real incentive to learn. To be perfectly honest, people in Germany are going to be gracious and speak English to you. Don’t be an American pig.

  3. Audit or Grade — Still debating. I am pretty dedicated, which means I will probably take it for a grade — though, I am not sure.

    Phil — I would like to visit both Harvard and UMass, but I am not sure about the $ part right now. I might be able to combine Harv & UMass with my spring trip to visit a few independent boarding schools in that area. At worst, I will visit Fisk. As always, I have no support thus I will be funding much of this myself. I hear that Humboldt U in Berlin has some great stuff. That is for later.

  4. It is funny how people at a particular point during their studies become attracted for life to one person. I meant to ask, why did’nt you focus on African-American Studies?

  5. Good Luck, Carson. Looks like a solid list. I ought to follow your lead and make a list of my own.

    I took German for a year. It’s a fun language. Like an earth-bound version of Klingon.

  6. I also would like to hear more about this Harding deal since I live 50 miles down the road. I will make a trip up to check this out. This sounds like a topic avoided at ol HU. Think they will at you to their ASI speaker list? haha.

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