Where Were You on 9/11/01?

I am honestly disappointed that our government (Democrats and Republicans) has wasted money, troops, and efforts fighting a war that has not solved nor worked against the effort of terrorists. I wonder what today would be like if we stayed focused fighting the war on terrorism? Mr. Bush and others would have us believe that Iraq is the war on terrorism. That is simply not the case.

I have decided to focus this blog on 9/11 and not politics. I recall being absent from a day of teaching while at CAC to attend a research committee meeting on race and Advanced Placement. While waiting for a few other colleagues to arrive, I decided to have a cup of coffee in the Hilton Hotel lounge on University Drive in Little Rock. I turned the TV on to see a building in flames; it was roughly around 9:15. Where were you?


27 thoughts on “Where Were You on 9/11/01?

  1. I was in the Benson Auditorium, right before chapel when I bumped into someone who told me what had happened.

    I guess it’s not too surprising that I blogged about this today as well.

  2. I was on the playground in 5th grade.
    They kept us out there all day and parents kept arriving to pick up kids from school.
    As those of us remaining sat around we went from aliens to terrorist walking around the city… if only they would have told us but oh no we had to be sheltered and were told not to talk about what we might have heard with other students…private schools…

    This gets me to thinking that we definitely need a current events class as an elective next year.

  3. My wife and I welcomed our first son into the world on 9/11/01. He was born at 12:15am, and things began to happen as I arrived back at the hospital around 7:45am CST. Surreal is the only word I can think of to describe that day. I often wonder what my son will think about once he realizes the day on which he was born; I wonder how he will “understand” 9/11.

  4. Phil,

    Wow!!!! I was teaching a class when the dean of faculty made an emergence announcement about the towers. Funny, but I was discussing of all topics: Islam.

    Walker – I have taught currenrt event classes before. Trust me, they sound much better on paper. I am sure all students are not like you. Apathy runs high when teaching current events. It is interesting hearing a view from one so young at the time.

  5. I was in front of my computer at work. My co-worker was late that day, and when he arrived he immediately asked if we had heard the news about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. We had no television in the office, but I was able to get a live video feed online from ABC News. Watching replays of the planes hitting was surreal. I didn’t get much work done that day…

    My emotions ran from fury to sadness. After the first tower collapsed I remember trying to “will” the people in the second tower to get out fast. I was shocked the first tower fell, but when it did I figured the other one would too (if not from the plane hit, then from the trauma received from the death of its twin sister). The thought of people jumping from the tops of the towers still haunts me a bit.

  6. I was in the fourth grade in Dishman Elementary, and a good friend of mine came into school late that day and told us the news. I did not believe him until my mom, who was supposed to be on an airplane that morning, picked me up from school early and told me the news, I can still remember watching the second tower fall while sitting on the couch in our living room.

  7. i remember being in fourth grade social studies with Mrs. Moscoscow and it was bout 20 min. or so before lunch and i remember all my friends talking about something then they announced it on the loud speaker at wilbern elementary that morning and everybody’s parents were picking them up and i remember my mom crying while we sat and watch the towers fall on national television.

  8. i remember being in 4th grade in art class and mrs. brubaker had just found and told us and some of the parents came to pick up there kids from school, mine didnt, my mom was working so its not like i had a choice and my dad was working and i think my brother was in school so i was stuck there and had to finish school, but over all i realy did not no what was going on and then i got home and my parents explained what happened the situataion

  9. I was in my lab, prepping for my Environment class with the TV set to CNN. My seniors were just numbed when they finally arrived. Several of us were watching when the second plane hit.
    The wife was at the airport in Florida trying to fly home from a Graphic Communications convention…she drove a rental car from Tampa Bay airport to Houston with 2 strangers for passengers, trying to get to their homes in Texas.

  10. I remember being in fourth grade and we were on our way to lunch and all the kids were talking about how there parents were picking them up. When my mom came to pick me up she told me about the towers burning down and all the people dying. She told me my dad was at the airport but he was going to be alright. I remember getting really nervous and then I started to cry. She told me that I was going to be alright and we watched the news for and hour or so.

  11. I was in my fourth grade class at Holy Spirit Episcopal School. I remember they did not say anything over the intercom so we had no idea what was going on. I guess they didn’t want to scare us. I remember my friend David’s mom came and picked him up, but we had no idea why. I did not find out anything had happened until my mom picked me up that afternoon after school. I immediately knew that what had happened was a tragedy but the full magnitude of the event did not hit me until I had time to think about it and all the families it affected.

  12. On September 11, I was too in the fourth grade and in Mrs. Brubakers art class with Jared. I remember her yelling at everyone to sit down and to be quiet that there had been a terrorist attack. However, us all being in the fourth grade we did not really understand what that meant or what had just happened. I was really confused, i knew it was bad but did not understand why all my friends had left. Me and three other students stayed there and watched the news for about two hours before my mom came to pick me up. it wass sadd

  13. I was with Walker on that playground in 5th grade. Things first got suspicious when our normal thirty minute recess dragged onto an hour. Of course being in 5th no one complained. Then parents started showing up and picking their kids up and we all started getting curious and a little worried, for some parents came crying and embracing their kid. As Walker said the first thing that was thought up was aliens, which was quickly dismissed when one of my friends, who had just got off the phone with his mom, informed us that America was under the attack of terrorists. He then told us New York was being attacked because it was a big, key city and that Houston was most likely next. At first we freaked out a little bit thinking our lives were going to end that day, but then we rallied together and decided we should do whatever we could. This led us to posting look outs at the tops of all the highest posts in the play ground to watch for low flying planes and suspicious looking people around the campus. While people were at posts others were going around sharing the news with whoever would listen, some even decided that their life was over and one boy decided to do something he had been to scared to do and went right up to a girl he liked and kissed her. We did see one plane fly near downtown and all of us gathered watched in what seemed to be the slowest minutes of my life to see what happened. As we all know nothing happened and we all went home and sat down in front of the TV with our parents to watch the terrible events unfold.

    I also agree with walker that we need a current events class.

  14. I remember on 9/11 I was in 4th grade at West Oaks Private School. We were watching a movie and my teacher had gotten a phone call and told me that my mom was at school to pick me up early. I thought this was kind of strange because my mom hadn’t told me that she was picking me up from school early. The car ride home she told me something very bad happened. When I got home, my mom finally told me what happened and turned on the news. Like Victoria said, it was when we were young…I didn’t really understand what the effect of the attack was but it was still upsetting.

  15. On the date of September 11, 2001 i was in 4th Grade at Wesley Academy. We were in PE and for some reason the lady from the front desk continually kept coming to the gym to get kids to go home. The whole class soon knew that something was wrong, but none of the teachers would tell us what was happening. My mom soon came up to get me and we rushed to get my other brother…. i remember being scared because the school said that we were going home to be with our families and to pray and i still had no clue what was happening. When we got to my brothers school i saw what was happening on the news… i remember seeing the two majestic buildings in flames and people jumping out of the building. The last thing i remember was seeing the two buildings fall and all of the wreckage. Of course at the time i had no real understanding of what happened, but now when i look back i see how terrible it was and why we were sent to be with our families to pray for everything.

  16. On September 11, 2001 i was in in school like almost everyone else. I remember all of the teachers acting wierd, and nobody really knew what was going on. I was sitting in class reading a book, and i remember my english teacher watching something on the computer and she started to cry, when we asked her what was wrong she just said that we were to young to understand. Soon after that my mom picked me up early and told me what happenned and it was very upsetting to everyone around me.

  17. I was in 4th grade at Grace School in Mrs. Duecker’s Class. During the morning. many students were being picked up at school, however i was not one of them. My teacher , after she recieved the news from another teacher, told our entire class what had happened. We talked about it for a long time and our class had a lot of questions. She told us that everythig would be ok and that we shouldnt be scared. When i got home i saw everything on T.V. and it made me mad that someone would want to hurt innocent Americans for no reason.

  18. I remember that day very well…

    I walked to school that day, from my house only a block away. Once there it was like a ghost town, only 1 out of 10 people were there by the end of the day. Once I came home I told my brother and dad the odd day it was with practically no students (teachers said jack about anything concerning terrorists). They explained the whole thing, with the towers falling. I thought it was like a minor issue, but when I heard practically two thousand Americans died I was shocked. That day was great, at least until that patriotic flag burned inside of me.

    Among other things, it was not talked about very much at my school and I sat around for the next week contemplating the scale of the issue.

  19. hmmm….
    Welll I was in 4th grade in CFISD. There was a huge commotion throughout the school and slowly my friend’s parents picked them up from school one by one. I remember there being 4 students in my class at the end of the day. When I got home I asked my mom if everyone was sick at school and she turned on the TV and showed me what was really going on. I was shocked but at the same time I do not really think I knew what had happened at the same time.

    ~Courtney Watts

  20. I was at my school in 3rd or 4th grade when my teachers all pulled us out to a little meeting area that conjoined all the classrooms called the pod. They first told us what was going on. I first before they told us i was wondering why so many of my friends and classmates where leaving so early. When the teachers told us i was still confused and didn’t know why they would leave for that also i never knew what the twin towers where until that day. i got home that day and i asked my mom what was going on and she told me the samething and was watching the news intently. After a few hours at home i heard a jet flying over my house. I never knew what was going on then, but i know now.

  21. I was in fourth grade and i remember i found out at lunch. I was sitting with one of my friends and his dad brought us lunch and told us about it… it was hard for me to understand because i hardly even knew of the world trade center. His dad said that today will go down as one of the worst days in American history so go through the day and respect your teachers and everyone you are with the rest of the day. I agree with a comment above from Walker that said we need a current events class. That would be fun

  22. I was in 3rd grade at Castle Hills First Baptist (San Antonio). We were going to gym class and they stopped us in the hallway outside the gym and brought out a T.V. I saw the footage of the world trade center in flames. Of course my young age dictated that I joke about it. I thought it was happening in down town San Antonio. Meus mater picked me up shortly after gym.

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