My WebPage!

Per my department chairperson last week, I finally completed the construction of my faculty webpage. Macs make this process easier for below average tech people such as me (thanks tech department for the hours of help). Honestly, it did not take me long to construct. I will try to add a few links and fancy objects once I have a clue. Here is the best thing about my Mac notebook: its wireless card is strong enough to allow me to tap into any unsecured network. I keep this thing by my side 24/7.


12 thoughts on “My WebPage!

  1. Carson I’m pretty sure any recently produced wireless card will let you connect to an unsecured network…
    And M$ is worse than Apple about owning souls.
    Bill Gates>Steve Jobs at the whole harvesting thing.

  2. “Carson I’m pretty sure any recently produced wireless card will let you connect to an unsecured network…”

    What does this say about my tech knowledge? And to think that I was excited.

    Gates is pretty good about the monopoly thing. As Teddy Roosevelt stated, “there are good trusts. I really do not believe this. “

  3. I was just trying to mock those who claim Gates and M$ are the anti-christ… Google it, there is a whole mess of things about it out there

    I thought trusts have been considered a form on monopoly since the Ford and Rockefeller days?

  4. Carson,

    When are you going to post a picture of you with that huge fro you have? Are you bringing your dreadlocks back? Your pictures are outdated.

  5. Dreads? Sweet!

    I dig your page. It’s really clean and readable. I think that is often one of the hardest things about web designing a content page: staying clean and readable, yet still being interesting enough to the eye.

    Good Job!

  6. The great thing about today is that if you don’t know how to do something there are a million places to find out. Don’t worry Mr. Carson nobody is completely tech savvy. Our only limit to knowledge is what we are exposed to.

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