Good Job CAC!

CAC Voted Best Private School
CAC was voted “Best Private Elementary” by the readers of the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette. The results were published Oct. 19 in the paper’s annual “Best of the Best” issue. CAC was also named runner-up in the “Best Private Middle School” and “Best Private High School” categories. CAC gave me my first teaching opportunity eight years ago. I recall the number of really bright students I taught in my AP European History and AP World History class while on Mustang Mountain. CAC is doing some wonderful things as they try to close the gap with PA — a school thought to be the best. 

2 thoughts on “Good Job CAC!

  1. Eddie- Finally had a free moment to catch up on your site. As always I found it very interesting reading. I enjoyed your comments on homeschooling. We have considered home schooling Hannah. I am still a little on the fence. I went to a good public school, but remember being so bored, and thinking K-4 grade could probably be learned in a year or two. We’ll see how it goes when the time comes. Thanks for the enlightenment. – : ) Maurine

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