Too Many Close Calls

Look at the above picture very carefully. Do you see the almost plane incursion? NASA spent millions conducting surveys of pilots and flight crews about their flight experiences.  After NASA completed its survey and interview of pilots, a chief NASA official ordered researchers to destroy the findings fearing public panic. The report was not destroyed and is due to be released in a few weeks. While reading some of this report a few weeks ago (what was released), I saw a section that discussed how two Frontier pilots flying from Baltimore to Denver reported falling asleep for 45 minutes. Both men emerged from their sleep to hear a panicked air controller telling them that they were coming in too high and too fast to land. A news journal reported this as well:

This year has seen dramatic near-misses. On Aug. 16, two commercial jets carrying 296 people came within 37 feet of colliding at Los Angeles International. A Delta Boeing 757 touched down in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., July 11 and had to take off immediately to avoid hitting a United Airbus A320 mistakenly on its runway. A Delta Boeing 737 landing at New York’s LaGuardia airport July 5 narrowly missed a commuter jet mistakenly cleared to cross its runway.

Because of various academic and research interests, I have been forced to fly some 20 times over the past two years. My next scheduled flight leaves January 2nd to Washington D.C. My friend and colleague Phil Sinitiere and I will be traveling to attend the American Historical Association meeting. Because I fear flying so much, Phil thought we should sit beside each other on the flight. Hey Phil, you are in for a treat.


8 thoughts on “Too Many Close Calls

  1. I have not heard about this. You would think it would be all over the news. I could tell a few stories that would scare you to death about a few travels.

  2. Let’s use a bit of logic to look at this: there are thousands of planes flying around all over the world, all the time. The vast majority of them don’t crash. In fact, significantly more cars (and this is proportional, not just flat percentage) do crash. You’ll probably be fine. And if you’re not, you have health insurance.

  3. and hopefully you also have life insurance. That plus the death benefits that airlines are usually forced to pay should make your wife quite wealthy when you die in a flaming fireball in the sky.

    have a nice trip.

  4. Matt Lee,

    Of all people you really know my fear. I cannot believe you would play with my mind here. Before I get on the plane, I am calling you. You really do not want that.

    Kristi – Knowing the % does little for me; I have read all of the dat to calm my fears. Oh, how is health insurance going to help?

  5. What! I never noticed the music. Actually I found the site interesting and read the whole thing when I probably should have been reading my history homework. Guess I don’t think about those things.

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