According to Carson

My students understand the teaching and learning of Carsonism; it is difficult to encapsulate this complex concept in a mere informal blog piece. Carsonism is the dominant ideological perspective taught in my courses. There have been students who bravely decided to construct an essay thesis against Carsonism. Those students usually repeat my course in summer school. Students have become accustomed to multiple choice questions that start with…according to Carson; it is not unusual for the correct response here to be absent from the textbook. Yes, it is true, I teach because I am a part of a major underground movement of liberals waiting to save conservative students from years of really bad and glorified teaching of history. It is finals week!!!

Of course I am just kidding here.


11 thoughts on “According to Carson

  1. I always liked those questions on the test becuase they were the easiest to answer since he flat out tells you to the answer is what his opnion in class has been

  2. Eddie,
    Amy and I both laughed at the cartoon’s quote. Especially Amy. She always was the cynical one, right? Its nice that your views and mine were always the exact same. Much to her chagrin.

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