Cold War and 2nd Amendment

While having breakfast this morning at a local diner, I found myself engaged in a Cold War discussion with a West Point admissions officer. The conversation which was purely by chance, started off at the counter with me telling him about one of my star students, Charlie Hasenbank, who was admitted into Annapolis, West Point, and the Air Force Academy. He went on to tell me about an interview I have not heard: the son of former Soviet Union premier Nikita Khrushchev in an American interview revealed two serious discussions the Soviet Union had about invading the United States. According to Nikita’s son Sergei, the Soviet Union had a plan to strategically send 17 operatives to the eastern seaboard of the U.S. to detonate suitcase nuclear bombs. It was the Soviet Union’s hope that such a blast would blind NORAD giving the Soviet Union first strike capabilities.

Furthermore, the Soviet Union’s nuclear strike would destroy the key urban centers and rural areas that house missal commands. Sergei Khrushchev then stated that the Soviets would engage in a conventional attack on the U.S., sending tanks and ground troops off the Atlantic. However, the Soviets decided not to exercise such a plan due to the number of rural Americans that owned a gun. In the mind of the Soviets, they would have to fight a depleted American Army and armed rural farmers. Fearing a long distance supply line that would extend across the Atlantic, the Soviets assumed this would give Americans too much time to organize.

In essence, if this story is true, the 2nd Amendment which grants Americans the right to bear arms prevented a Soviet attack. Of course I am thinking this story sounds much like the movie Red Dawn, except without the nuclear missiles. I am not one who believes such stories and conspiracies, but I suspect this is one of the many I have heard that interest me. Make sure you check out this clip of Red Dawn, which portrays Powers Boothe, one of my favorite actors.


11 thoughts on “Cold War and 2nd Amendment

  1. Here is a piece from an interview. It sounds like the Russians were never serious about an attack even in ’62. But with 162 warheads in Cuba, that sounds serious to me.

    “And I ask him this, and many people have asked him this, “Sergei, what would your father have done in the event of that attack knowing what we know now about the capabilities on the island?”

    He said he would’ve had the following choice: resign—maybe get shot if he did—or respond militarily, either by seizing West Berlin, which would’ve required the United States and NATO to use tactical nuclear weapons against Soviet forces, or to attack NATO nuclear missiles in Turkey, which would’ve required a full retaliatory response against the Soviet Union. We were two or three moves away from that if the attack had occurred.”

  2. I am thinking War Games. Nations do it. You are probably too young to remember this movie. I think there is some merit here. Ok, not the suitcase nukes. They were not around.

  3. I disagree with the claim that the 2nd ammendment prevented an attack from Russia on U.S. soil. An army is what prevents attacks, not rural americans with rifles and shotguns. In my opinion, if Russia was thinking about attacking The U.S., the passing of the 2nd amendment had nothing to do with their decision not to attack.

  4. I would like to put a new spin on an old quote “If if’s and buts were candies and nuts we’d all live under communist rule”

  5. Just saw this article today.,2933,329047,00.html

    Here’s a great solution.
    How about carrying you own guns so you do have have to sit around waiting (while a rape occurs) for the troopers show up long after everyone is dead or what not. If they had been smart enough to take matters into their own hands the problem would have been solved early on.

    “a brown-uniformed peace officer… carries pepper spray and a Taser, though no gun.”

    Ok thats better, I feel safe now. =)

    “But the turnover rate among VPSOs has been high as 40 percent, because the job is stressful, with low pay and little backup.”

    I wonder why. I would quit too if I was expect to go up against a guy with a 12 guage while armed only with a nerf gun.
    Armed citizens don’t have a turnover rate.

  6. your right about the story sounding like Red Dawn. that movie is really good and it is a preety good example of wha tthe Russian army is really like.

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