Advanced Topics Seminar at TCU

I am not as busy as I have been in past summers; I have agreed to be an instructor at Texas Christian University’s European History Summer Institute during the 2nd week of July. I have been asked to do TCUs’ institute each of the past three summers….This summer will be my fourth. I have had excellent teachers attend in the past; I am most excited because this seminar is very different from the previous three. Beyond traveling to Colorado State University in June for the reading and visiting a few independent schools for research reasons, I will be pretty free this summer.

Here is a description of my Advanced Topics Seminar:

The AP European History Advanced Topics Summer Institute is designed for instructors who have previously attended a European History Summer Institute. Although we will focus on course construction and organization, our prime objective is to explore topical historical matters and content by reviewing recent trends and developments in the academic literature. Furthermore, linking pedagogical strategies to the academic literature will be a point of emphasis.  By exploring such matters of content, we will be able to analyze the course and our approach to teaching it for greater conceptual linkage and student understanding. The following topics are a representative sample to be addressed:

•    Teaching the West from a global point of view
•    Rethinking the Enlightenment: How the world brought the Enlightenment to the West?
•    Gender roles over time
•    Race and European Slavery
•    Race and Imperialism
•    American-European Genocide
•    Global Darwinism
•    Global Marxism
•    Hollywood and European History
•    Religion and Secular Culture
•    Teaching: seminar versus lecture – how to do both well?
•    DBQ & FRQ

We will also address:

•    Practical insights into the incorporation of recent research in the discipline
•    Gender, ethnic, and geographic diversity
•    Insight in inquiry and reasoning from a cognitive science perspective
•    Practical experience with historical reasoning skills
•    Practical experience with standards-based teaching and learning
•    Practical experience with embedded classroom assessments (formative assessment strategies)  and the subsequent responses to students’ learning needs
•    Experience with collaborative curriculum development
•    Changes and recent developments in the AP European History Exam


11 thoughts on “Advanced Topics Seminar at TCU

  1. Last year did you tell them you would not be coming to the reading? Your name was on the Chief Reader’s list and on the list at the reading. There were a number of no shows who did not inform the CB; The CR told me last week that he was sending the first wave of invites out to those who were there last year, then he would send the second wave of invites by the end of the month.

    You should get one in about two weeks. CSU is great.

  2. You going to be putting up anything about Black History Month? I was thinking this morning that Black History is my history too. As an American the Black person’s experience here and the contributions that Black’s have made have had a tremendous impact on me and the developement of this nation. Its really hard for me to seperate out the impact that Black’s have made. Black’s have shaped my life and influenced my thinking as much as any Black person.
    Just musing here.
    I think its great to have a time to consider and reflect on the Black experience in America, but can I really ever understand it? As much as I might sympathize and empathize with Black people I’ll never know what’s it like to be Black in America. I can go other places in the world and feel what its like to be a racial minority but I don’t think the experience will be the same.
    I want to dio something to acknowlage Black History month, but how do I do it without seeming trivial or pandering? Black History is my history too.

  3. While I appreciate your inclusion of me on your blog list, I’m not sure I would categorize my blog under the heading of “Good Readings.” Perhaps the heading “Forget She Has a Blog and Then Posts Mediocrity at Best” would be a better fit for my humble little weblog.

  4. Funny Kristi, but I knew you would say that. I keep it there just in case you post. I was talking to Jaylon who tends to view a few of the blogs listed here, and he stated ” what is up with Kristi and her blog?” Then he states ” oh but I do not even have one.”

    When you write it is always a good read. You are a busy graduate student working your way around the world waiting to see what is next.

  5. It still amazes me how the interpretation of how something happened can be understood in different ways and how that reflects upon the way it is taught… I guess that’s AP for me

  6. Not AP but history. I find it exciting and curious that two people experience something but write about it in a different way. This gives historians a job. It also allows me to correct the bad history taught to students by teachers, preachers, politicians, parents, and T.V.

    Oh, the musical was great; I am thinking about a post on it.

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