The L Word Part II

Jemele Hill, who is one of my favorite sports journalist, writes about why Kelly Tilghman should not be fired for using the “L” word. Here is her introduction:

Kelly Tilghman should not be fired.

She should be suspended. She should be criticized. And, no, we should not buy the excuse that a 38-year-old woman from the South (grew up in South Carolina, went to Duke) had no idea the word “lynch” is offensive when referring to a black man. You can learn that just by watching “A Time to Kill.” But fired? No. This issue is bigger than Tilghman. Read the rest here.

With the Tilghman issue subsiding some after Tiger spoke on her behalf, Golfweek decided to publish a noose on its cover…clearly keeping this issue alive not for matters of social justice, but pure sensationalism. Read the article here.


9 thoughts on “The L Word Part II

  1. I think you already know how much a topic like this just makes angry…

    Boo political correctness. 1st amendment rights baby…

  2. I think it is an important opportunity to reflect on how empty of purpose many of our citizens must be, to start chasing our tails like this. Perhaps I tend to synthesize things to a derivative function, but when I first read the context of the “lynch him”, it seemed friendly banter, the kind that buddies (gender-neutral) have, and perhaps she even joked about with Tiger, her admired friend.
    The editor is an idiot if he thought a canted noose is depictive of his magazine (golf?), but what if he was a 1st-Amendment junkie? For fun, what if he threw himself on the grenade of sensorism? Or even more fun, what if his time was short with the company and the board was waiting for an opportunity for him to slip up? In my own warped way– that would be a beautiful end-game! (grin)
    But on another layer deeper, somewhat abstract yet connected to the original function (math analogy), why do we drag this craq up? Or worse, entertain ourselves with it? OK, infant humans or pongids, sure, but adult created in the Imago Dei? What about our filth draws us to it? The media gets paid by advertisors, not so much the viewer, but Media are paid to get us to view, and they set before us a banquet of fetid morsels, because it works. That bothers me.

  3. It is all about sensationalism. If it will pull people in for a$, people will continue to do. As I have stated before, I am on Kelley’s side. I like what hill said in her article about this issue….And it is not new.

    Walker — no freedom of speech here. The editor was fired.

  4. freedom of speech and the 1st amendment apply to the government and it’s citizens and have nothing to do with employer/employee relationship at least in a legal sense.

    Now we like to think that freedom of speech is a principle to which all of our society holds, but if the things you say cause your employer to lose business then you will be disciplined and possibly fired and rightly so.

  5. Matt Lee

    You have an excellent point; I guess if we were to do this at our place of employment we would be fired on the spot. Even in government positions the 1st amend. has its limits.

  6. I don;t see how some1 would be so ignorant in thinking that using the l word would not be offensive to African Americans. I think that she should not be suspended but fired, because she was so dumb in thinking that, that word is not offensive.

  7. I agree with Chris, especially if she is an educated 38 year old woman. How do you not know that that word would offend African Americans? Just the fact that she is saying it on live television should make her realize that at least one black person will get offended, and she will get criticized severely for it, if not suspended/fired.

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