A Thought from the Left

Yes it is true, I have been accused by a few pundits of spreading dangerous ideas and corrupting the intellectual prowess of conservative students. Do not worry, the school does a good job keeping conservatism alive. I will say more about this later after hearing our special assembly guest today: Alan Keyes.

h/t: Jim Brown


10 thoughts on “A Thought from the Left

  1. “In 2005, Maya Keyes came out as a lesbian.[8] She stated that, as a result, her family threw her out of the house, stopped talking to her, and refused to pay for her college.(wiki)”
    – There’s just one reason I’m more aligning myself with a liberal now…. damnit Carson what are you doing to me?!

    Excuse this comment, but I recall hearing somewhere that there’s no such thing as a black republican?

  2. Walkerparkhill

    There are black Republicans and clearly Carson is not one. But for those that exist they make up only the very small and insignificant part of the population. So, they let that guy on your campus. Your school scares me bro.

  3. Alan Keyes…isn’t he an African-American republican (almost unheard of) running for president? Hasn’t gained much support…

    I must say leaving Houston Christian has liberated me from the environment you very well described as “keeping convervatism alive”. The same place describing Venezuela as “another third-world country that nobody cared about.” That kind of clearly conservative-based response is just rude and repugnant, and it only thrives among Right-minded folk. I mean for Christ’s sake it’s 2008, we don’t need this kind of garbage. At least at my new school there’s a balance of opinion and if you’re Liberal you don’t get hurled insults at you 24/7. Yes there may still be convervatives who actually believe that Barack Obama is a muslim extremist who’s patriotism falls under question, but I can discuss such false claims with them, rather than put up with such incompetence just as such differenced need to be discussed. I’m simply grateful for being at a school where they don’t keep up guys who believe in reason over revenue in check. Call me an advocate for the middle-class but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Oh and we have over 30 clubs…how many does HCHS have again?

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