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blog readability test

I guess this means my students have the ability to read and comprehend this blog; I hope so; I thought I would place this on the blog before joining a few people for happy hour. The past two days have been very long. I got back late last night from a town north of the Mexican border where I presented a seminar on gender construction and modern historiography in the history course. Because I hate flying, I opted to make the drive, which was not smart.

I am spending the weekend writing a paper that should have be finished weeks ago, grading a stack of essays, and doing some yard work.


6 thoughts on “Blog Knowledge

  1. Oh, I know well what gender construction is! I long to attend seminars like that, Ed; our professional development at TCC is a joke.

    Also, I love you, but I hate you. “Yard work” around here consists of shoveling the latest 8 inches of snow off the driveway. *whimper, whimper*

  2. mrschili,

    Houston is ok this time of year; it still gets cooler than I prefer. I am w/ teacherwoman, those outside the field cannot assum they know whya type of PD is best; I prefer to find my own. The meeting went well and those who attended seemed pleased.

    BTW, bet you did not know I used to live in Limestone, Maine? Close to Loring AFB (see map)

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