I Like Breaks

Either I do not know how to vacation during spring break or I am doing what most people do when they get a break: working to get caught up; teaching 3 heavy reading and writing courses keeps me from completing outside assignments as quickly as I would prefer. Like many history courses, there is a lot of reading assigned. Not only must I read all of the primary and secondary sources assigned to students in the syllabus, but I must also complete additional historiographical readings, too; however, I am better than most at getting through lengthy journal articles. If my courses were purely lecture courses, the aforementioned tasks would be easier…. Okay –easier to fake; we all know a few instructors who do this.

I have been able to complete 60% of my department’s webpage. I still need to construct an individual page for each member. I do not have the skills or the permission to link it to the school’s faculty directory, but that is why they pay the technology department the big bucks. Here is the link: http://hchshistorydepartment.googlepages.com/home

I am on the road and should get back to Houston later today.


8 thoughts on “I Like Breaks

  1. An FYI to readers of this blog. Eddie in is in the hospital in critical condition after an aneurysm burst. Please keep Eddie and his wife and the rest of our family in your prayers.

  2. Update:
    Eddie did not have aneurysm but he does have a mass of some sort in his brain that was blocking blood flow and causing swelling. The relieved the swelling and he is doing a bit better. They’re doing an MRI to determine the size of the mass.

  3. Wow. Thank you, Matt for the information, and I will be sure to pray. Those of us in the Faith know what prayer can do. God Bless him.

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