Independent Teacher

I started reading The Independent Teacher about six months ago; I did not know it existed until a friend of mine who too teaches at an independent school informed me of it. It is no secret that teaching at an independent school is unique from other venues. Because of this, there are a number of professional publications devoted to faculty and staff working in private schools. This e-journal appears to be fairly popular among many private schools. I have linked this to my side bar roll under Education. Another very important link for those of us in the independent school industry is NAIS.

Here is a description:

Welcome to Independent Teacher

Independent Teacher is an electronic journal that publishes articles on curriculum and pedagogy, across all grades and disciplines, of particular interest to independent school teachers. Our goal is to be a forum in which educators can share and discuss ideas and methods.

We publish two issues each year, November and May.


4 thoughts on “Independent Teacher

  1. I read this. I like it for its practical approach, though I think it would be better if it were a paper journal.

  2. Thank you, Edward.

    There is also Independent School, published by NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools).
    However, the copy which exists at my place of employ is so highly guarded that I am considering purchasing my own subscription.

  3. missprofe – I do not get the Independent School, but I do manage to hijack it from the head of school of office. He actually leaves it outside of his office.

    saintseester – I am with you; I have to be a little selective with my readings due to time and other readings that must get done.

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