By the Numbers

I usually do not pay too much attention to the stats on my dash; however, I found it interesting that the piece on the confederate flag has this many views. This is by the numbers since I have been using wordpress. Oh, I just wrote it in December. I need to point out a mistake with this list. It does not reflect what people have viewed since I started this blog, but what they have viewed since January ’08. I looked at the wrong stat page; I would repost the correct list but I see no purpose. (4/18/08)

bill clinton 6,537
confederate flag 2,373
chris everett 1,605
animal house 915
college student 820
happy feet 806
tcu 777
tupac 714
fox news 688
duke university 537
college students 492
gilmore girls 480
fred thompson 477
calvin and hobbes 468
squirrel 455
sexism 413
karl marx 403
famous black people 320
hilary clinton 295
college 290
confederate flags 287
oj simpson 271
tupac poems 266
forrest gump 262
malcom x 239
john belushi 222
proletarian 217
squirrels 210
2008 election 207
working conditions 190
hartwick college 184
calvin and hobbes christmas 166
cartoon students 150
gangster poems 140
european history 136
jim rome 131
the proletarian 129
chris everett tennis 127
calvin and hobbes school 121
famous black americans 117
jordan 113
teaching cartoons 108
writing 105
undocumented workers 105
john belushi animal house 102
pictures of bill clinton 100
exam cartoon 96
squirrels with guns 95
exams 94
college animal house 94

13 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. People are looking for redneck organizations to join. Carson, that is why all my friends from Alabama have read that post.

  2. Everyone loves the confederate flag that’s why its so popular! I still think the Union Jack looks cooler though. I’m going to get me some of those jogging shorts like the guys in Def Leppard wear!

  3. I find it funny for there are three times as many Clinton views than confederate flag views, question did you ever post about him during the Lewinski thing?

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