Graduation Time

I am leaving for the University of Arkansas in 30 minutes; Jeff Grooms, a close friend and former student will be graduating with a degree in German and European history. Jeff, and his wife Amy Clothier were a part of the last AP European history class I taught in 2004 at CAC (N. Little Rock, AR). I enjoyed my time with both Jeff and Amy on and off campus. Having the two of them over to the house was always a treat. The entire Grooms’ family made my stay at CAC a joy. I taught Jeff’s brother Kendel my second year at CAC. Much like Jeff, Kendel was fun to be around on and off campus; he introduced me to the band Ho Hum one night while out at Little Rock’s Juanitas.

I think all of us have those we would love to work with. As jeff starts and completes his PhD in European history, I will be be recruiting him to be my colleague one day. The picture above is from Jeff and Amy’s wedding two years ago. I made a quick 7 hour drive north to attend.Today, it will be a very slow 9hr drive. Good luck in graduate school Jeff….We are very proud of your accomplishments. I will see you in a few hours.


6 thoughts on “Graduation Time

  1. So this is the famous Jeff and Amy you are always talking about. I hope the trip is going well. You are coming back to Houston? I know how tempting it is for you to stay in Arkansas.

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