Above: Dr. Yevette Perry, head of the Distinguished Scholars Program and Carson

Commencement went very well this past Friday; our speaker did a nice job conveying the importance of the journey a’la academics and life. I was impressed with our #1 student’s speech; Lerin Rutherford, one of my star students and a past guest contributor to this blog (see here & here) shared with us the evolving and constant growth of this years graduating class. She briefly told the story of how this class has much to offer the world as they continue to grow into butterflies; I think that is true for some but not all. We have a number of solid students here. I wish them well as many are heading as far east as New York, while others are off to California.

Above: Diane Creekmore, head of the English Department


7 thoughts on “Commencement

  1. Did the invited speaker address politics? Ours did! I guess he did not understand that this is not about Bush. He was good, bu I will not mention his name.

  2. Lerin’s speech was very good; it was a great program — though people seem to think many of us care about Texas A & M — who knows. No politics — which was good. Jaylon – wearing a low cut does hide the scar some, which I know seems odd.

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