New Mexico Conference Trip

Above: The plane I flew on today.

I left Houston earlier today for Ruidoso, New Mexico; my flight brought me to Albuquerque where I changed flights to Ruidoso. Because there are no major flights to this remote town, I had to fly via New Mexico Air. If you recall, I am afraid of flying…though I fly a number of times per year. When I schedule a flight, I aim for the biggest planes available. That was not the case today. I still have to fly back to Albuquerque via the tiny plane on Thursday once I am done presenting a special topics history seminar in Ruidoso. And yes, it was a very bumpy flight. I am going to spend another hour reviewing my notes and slides for the meeting tomorrow. Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “New Mexico Conference Trip

  1. You are all over the place Carson. What an academic! We are still on for dinner, right? Do not forget this time. Have a great trip. Impress them with your smarts.

  2. You’re in an awesome place for a lot of cool things to do if you have any free time. My family vacations there a lot because some family members own a house there. There’s a lot of good hiking and sight-seeing to be done.

  3. LUCK, Honey!

    I’m not fond of flying, either, though my neighbor, who’s a plot, does his best to explain to me why I SHOULDN’T fear flying. Have a great time, speak well, and stay in touch!

  4. DUDE! step off the tarmac and go to the mountains. I know you’re infatuated with Urbana, but gimme a break! You are on the edge of God’s Country!! So go grease yourself with salami and find a bear– it will be exciting in a way that an airplane trip pales in comparison. (grin)

  5. I think flying is great after we get off the ground and clear the airport’s airspace. I think that pilot experience and weather are more important than the size of the plane. I think that the overhead wing design looks more stable. Pressurized cabin, too, right? That’s a brute as far as “puddle jumpers” concerned.

  6. WOW Carson, I’m amazed you got on the plane without having to be tranquilized!!
    I agree with the others, you need to get out and about while you’re there and do something really exciting!! At least then the plane ride would be less intimidating?!!??

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