New Book addressing the History of an Elite Boarding School

I am off to Colorado State University until June 20th for the AP European History reading. I am looking forward to serving as a Table Leader for the very first time. While I am off reading essays by day, I hope to be very productive at night. I need to clean up a paper while I finish a smaller writing assignment. Currently, I am researching the role of race at independent schools; I did more traveling towards this effort last summer than I will be able to do this summer; however, I hope to visit a few regional independent day schools for the comparative task of this project. Recently, I was made aware of a book about the history of the Phillips Exeter School. Upon hearing this news, I immediately placed an order. I hope to write more once I have read it. You can read more about this book here. If you do not know much about the Harkness Method and the Harkness Table, you can read about it here. This is a method and style of teaching I have utilized for the past six years.


17 thoughts on “New Book addressing the History of an Elite Boarding School

  1. I’ll look into it – Mr. Chili’s been bugging me to try to score a teaching position there for YEARS (of course, he changed his tune when I told him that new faculty are REQUIRED to live on campus for a certain period; there’s no WAY he’d consent to live in an apartment in a dorm, even in ones as nice as are on PEA…

  2. I too stated what your husband has been bugging you about. But, that is a moot point with your new teaching appointment. For most, PEA is an opportunity to teach some of the best students in the nation, as well as what is thought to be the top faculty. The wealth and resources alone are first rate. I would be cool with living on campus. I am not sure what that says about me.

  3. I’ve got a couple of good friends, one of whom is in the PhD program here in Portland, who got their masters degrees at CSU. From everything they tell me it’s a nice place. Sounds like you’re in for a good time. Lots of reading and writing, what’s not to love about that!

  4. Hey, Carson, how are you? My blog is mentioned on a Fox news page:
    . I don’t understand how it came to be there, etc. I do know that, as a result of this listing, today was my single best day in terms of the number of total visits (96). This may be a small tally to you, but it beats my previous by 25 hits and we’re not done with the day.

    To what do you attribute your popularity as a blogger and what steps do you take to expand or at least maintain your audience.

    sometime reader, longtime rational psychic

  5. Saij: This place is as close as you will get to the NW part of the country you reside at; it is awesome. Fort Collins is like a small Seattle or Portland in terms of atmosphere.

    rationalpsychic: I love your blog; I find your topics and insight highly interesting and very informative. That is why I always read it. For me, I have people who are teachers and who do the type of work I do. Many I have met at conferences, seminars, etc. I also have a few students that read — mostly from my advanced courses. Others could care less. Some come for a while, then leave. I do get emails from a few that read but never comment.

    I suspect the reality of my blog is to fill a professional space that is missing while in Houston. Most of my relationships are found on the road. Attending conferences, doing research, or just taking a trip to visit a distant colleague. Teaching on a campus can be the most isolating experience, esp. if your interest are different from others. And, when you are a young professional in your early 30s with NO interest in having a family, you find things such as a blog to clear your mind before you pick up that next book. I suspect in an indirect way, those who read this can relate. I find doing this stimulating and intellectual.

    Kristi — I look forward to hearing your conclusion.

  6. Carson,
    I didn’t intend to come off as gloating regarding Senator Clinton. Both candidacies show that the “old white guy” is the standard and the hurdle to leap. This year was an exceptional run by both candidates. Though historical, there will be a lot more practicality and meaning behind their efforts if every election cycle becomes more and more ho-hum with regard to the identity politics showcased. And where are the great Latino politicians to take their place on the dais–does anyone view Bill Richardson in this light?

    I have my sights on the day when the Hmong leader becomes a commonplace. And that’s not intended to be a dumb joke. Here in Minnesota, I think that Mee Moua’s fortunes are on the rise in our state house.

    I can’t see a fellow with your personality having any trouble making friends. Surely, this isolation talk is the result of one bad day???

  7. I am giving you a hard time. I am a bit sad things did not go better for HRC. I do think too many people worked against her. I am not screaming sexism at all. I mean…come on, when in American history do we say a black mean beat a woman — and no cry of racism.

    It is more of a professional matter than a personal matter. You hang with those who are just like you – – though there must be balance.

  8. I was on Exeter’s page just know and did not realize it cost more than my college tuition. It looks like the professors there are big stuff. Do you know any afaculty people from this school?

  9. Jason,

    I am working with a professor of history and religion this week from Exeter; I know 2 people from there. They are usually the best in a number of ways. I asked a friend who is there to write a post this week on teaching at Exeter; I think he will have it done by Thursday. The culture and mentality at schools of this nature are very different. I think you will like the piece. I had a great visit there last year.

  10. Is the purpose of Exeter to get into Ivy League and other well-renowned universities? Cause I got into several renowned universities and did not go to a school that cost nearly that much. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m just wondering why families feel like they have to send their children there when my $5000/year private high school seemed perfectly sufficient for setting me and most of my classmates up for success.

    Please don’t everyone jump down my throat. It’s an honest question and it mostly stems from the fact that I am poor.

  11. Kristi: I am sure the school you attended is a fine school with a number of bright students and wondrful professors. As one who is a part of one of the nations best schools, I do find that students get the value of their education. Because we are so exclusive, we select a divers group of students that contribute intellectually at levels they cannot at their home schools. For us, it is all about the quality of our students. True, many do attend the Ivy League, but a number of others go back to their home state to attend college. College is usually a let down once they leave our campus.

  12. While I appreciate the information you shared, you didn’t answer my question. Are the students really quality if college and subsequently real life is a let down? I think not. Also, on account of not knowing who you are, I’m having a hard time taking what you’ve said seriously.

  13. Again, I’m not trying to be impertinent. I just want to understand the purpose of a school that expensive that doesn’t seem to do anything for their students that my school didn’t do for me. And believe me when I say this: I am not hung up on CAC. I probably won’t send my children there and I definitely wouldn’t work there right now. It just happens to be where I went to school. But again, I’m not attempting impertinence, this time.

  14. carson… ummm… did you mean “until January”?… as in: you are not coming back to HC until after xmas?
    …and anonymous… it’s diverse, not divers, unless you were referring to a group of scuba intellectuals.
    –and i’m from a state school, which is why I get to abbreviate with a chi-. 🙂
    carson… I like the part about joking; my frustration is that it is often mutual and among friends until something goes wrong, then a list of “mean-spirited” comments is generated as part of a suit for wrongful termination. gag-choke.
    I don’t know the details of the situation with NASCAR (= I am ignorant), but if there is abusive racism it needs to be dealt with, in all institutions, in both directions. Mean people impart vaccuum. However, if this is a case where a slacker gets fired for being unproductive, then for the sake of all the legitimate complaints out there, may the slacker/individual be punished by society.
    … perhaps the third time the “little boy cried wolf…”, perhaps the community knew from the tone in his voice?? hmmmm.

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