Two New Blogs to Read

For those of you who read this blog for the discussions on teaching, race, and education… I think you might find the following two blogs of great interest. First, there is Nathan Barber’s blog. Nathan, who was the dean of students at the Second Baptist School, has accepted a position as the head of the upper school at Parkview Baptist School in Baton Rouge; Nathan, a very active teacher and writer of topics related to the teaching of European history, recently created the Next Generation of Leaders Blog. I think many of you academic types will find the discussions here to be very good. Nathan is a leader in private school teaching.

Next, there is Fast Times at Concord Academy; I will not mention the author of this blog, but we have much in common as it relates to my research on race and independent schools. If you are not familiar with Concord Academy, it is thought by many in my circle to be among the more elite schools in the nation. The author of this piece introduces his readers to his experience on the faculty there, and how matters of race and class shaped his view of race at this particular independent school. The author and I spoke for an hour last week on his goals for the blog and his new academic work; I hope to have him post here.



2 thoughts on “Two New Blogs to Read

  1. I like these two blogs. Both bring up a number of interesting points about the role of educational institutions and those of us that shape them.

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