Democracy: Truth or Farce Part I

I am devoting hree post to exploring the topic of democracy and its legitimacy among all people — blacks, whites, gays, and straights. West talks about the role of the state and the functionality of religion vis-a’-vis mass society. Click and hear what Cornel west and Toni Morrison have to say.


9 thoughts on “Democracy: Truth or Farce Part I

  1. So I am assuming that you believe America is an imperalist state that forces ideas of democracy on others. What is wrong with that? The idea of religion being placed on others by the state is dangerous, but seems small for collective security and the ease of sleeping at night.

  2. West’s position seems to state that the state is the oppressor of religious folk; I see it differently. If we are to discuss the farce of a democratic state, just look at how the state depicts societal norms. If you are gay, you are an outcast. You cannot be included on the rights owed to all of us. I see us more as a theocracy than a secualr state.

  3. I love how West thinks his faith and view of Christianity is really all that differernt from that of Constantines circa 312 AD. It is all the same is you buy into the state and religion.

  4. Jeremy,

    West’s contention is not one of religious nor state imperialism as was the case under Constantine. As the Roman state expanded, people actually saw their freedoms decline. Under the secular Roman state, people were free to practice as they saw fit – – as long as it did not violate the highest good of the land, which was the state. When the Romans expanded, religion was used as a method of early imperialism. People had little choice: convert or die; we saw this happen 600 years after the fall of Rome with the crusades.

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