NCSS Lecture

I spent a large part of the day reading and writing a paper for the National Conference of Social Studies meeting here in Houston come fall. I am excited about the paper session I will present during the European breakfast session. I am not a member of NCSS, but I am looking forward to this breakfast lecture. If you are in Houston and have some interest in my session (see below), feel free to fix a hot breakfast plate and take plenty of notes. Thanks to my awesome friend Sarah for her advice. It is warm in Houston come November. Better yet, my lawn is still very green.

Program Guide Description (or what I sent them):

Paper Title:

The Transatlantic and Its Impact on the European History Course: A Look at Geo Politics, Race, Class, and Gender


With the use of visual aids, thematic mapping, instructional tips, and primary sources, this paper presentation will explore the early colonial stages of geo politics and how formative states struggled to maintain stability amidst colonial expansion and state building. Moreover, a look at the role of modernity as Europeans and North American colonies used religious constructs and philosophical arguments to address racial categorizations and gender division among the Atlantic market.


9 thoughts on “NCSS Lecture

  1. I like it. I am actually looking forward to attending this conference. I guess I should seeing that it is in my hometown. I will be at your session for sure. You know how much you make me think. I am really interested in the link of the Atlantic to feminism.

  2. Carson,

    This sounds great! I am looking forward to attending your session. I loved your Atlantic Market Thesis paper in Orlando a couple years ago.

  3. I’ll be looking forward to your report on the conference, Carson.

    Meanwhile, here’s a link that I found on my fly fishing forum’s “off topic” section. It’s about finding out that your ancestor’s were America’s biggest slave traders. PBS is sponsoring this documentary on their new show POV (Point of View), and it looks like something everyone should see.

  4. BTW, I notice your blog features “possibly related posts.” On my WordPress blog, I went to Design->Extras and turned it off. One of my “possibly related posts” turned out to be bait for a porn site.

  5. I was looking at your blogroll and see Stuff White People like. Have you read Stuff Black People Hate? It is extremely well-written and insightful. He has a more serious blog than the stuff people love sites, yet he still manages to fill it with humor.

    PS – if you don’t want me to post the link here, feel free to remove the comment!

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