Hello My Friend

I wanted to tell my friend Kelly congratulations on her marriage to Wendell. I first met Kelly while living in Limestone, Maine in 1986. Kelly and I met playing little league basketball. Her brother Travis was my brother’s best friend. The cool thing about my friendship with kelly has been that of years. When my family moved from Maine back to Montgomery, Alabama, Kelly was the only person I stayed in touch with. Since then Kelly has been a trusted confidant and a true friend. We have managed to remain friends and stay in touch since 1987. For those of you who are like me and cannot count, that is 21 years. The unique thing about my friendship with Kel is that I have not seen her since the summer of 1987. We all need freinds like Kelly.

The gods have not been with us on finally getting together. My ego got the best of me last year when I was 100% sure a paper of mine would be accepted at a conference in her home state of California; it was rejected and I never made it out there. She was in Houston last summer on the exact days I was traveling for academic reasons. I hope the Greek gods will side with us so that our 21 year drought will come to an end. I am looking forward to meeting Mr. Smith.


5 thoughts on “Hello My Friend

  1. That is a great picture. what a dress. So you really have not seen her in 21 years. That is pretty neat. I did not know you lived in Maine. That is no man’s land.

  2. I was just in a discussion with students over the classical period. Greek gods seemed right when it comes to playing with lives. Oh, I recently watched A feast of Love in which Morgan Freeman’s character brings the gods up on a regular base.

  3. And everyone knows that if Morgan Freeman’s character does something, everyone in the world should certainly follow suit.

  4. Eddie,

    You are such a great friend, I am so happy we were able to get in touch again. Thank you for blessing us with a post on your blog (I feel like a movie star:-)) Hopefully Christmas 08 will finally be our reunion!


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