A Great Student

Lerin Rutherford & Carson on HCHS campus

I was on campus today for the sole purpose of visiting with one of my prized students: Lerin Rutherford. My first encounter with Lerin came at the end of her sophomore year. We were on the bottom academic hall outside of the choral room discussing books. I could not help but recommend to her Howard Zinn’s A Peoples History of the United States. Lerin represents a number of great students I have taught over the past 8 years. I will rank her up there with such students as: the Katherine Driver, Alejandro Penafiel, Eric Solomon, Stephen Shewmake, Dorian Ojeman, Charlie Hasenbank, and Sam Thompson – – all past students of Houston Christian.

I taught Lerin in both my AP United States History course and this past year in my AP European History course; she was easily the star of the show. Like many of the students I listed above, she always did her reading, participated in class discussions, challenged my conclusions and historical assumptions, while earning top marks. What I enjoyed most about Lerin and those students mentioned above was their willingness to visit me outside of class. There is nothing better than having a cup of coffee with a student while discussing their future. Lerin will be attending Davidson College this fall to study in the fields of science and history with hopes of attending medical school. Lerin’s Valedictorian speech a few weeks ago was one of the best; I will see if she will let me post it one day; I took a second to re-read it after our meeting. Lucky for me, I have a great group of students entering my European history class this fall.

You can read two of her contributions to this blog here:

On Davidson College by Lerin Rutherford

Happy Feet my Foot/ Political Penguins by Lerin Rutherford


7 thoughts on “A Great Student

  1. I am impressed. You get all the best students. She sounds wonderful. Oh you handsome dog, I love your t-shirt.

  2. Lena -I present the truth from my point of view then let them draw their own conclusions. As you know, I work in a very conservative place. But hey, they tolerate me…. They cannot be too conservative… right?

    Teacherwoman — your partner is not going to get mad at you flirting with me again? How was the Exeter conference? Send me an email or give me a call. It has been a while since we last spoke.

  3. Oh that’s an awful picture! haahaa Carson, this makes me laugh.
    And for your critics, Carson does not indoctrinate us, not that he’s not trying. He’s just very good at expanding someone’s world view.

  4. I wish you well at Davidson Lerin. I am sure you are more than prepared. Edward is a smart man and I am sure if he has brainwashed you it is for the best (smile Carson).

  5. Nice entry Carson. I agree; Lerin does rank up there with the best. While she was a walk-in 5 for me, you were able to challenge her thinking and push even her. Well done.

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