Being Sociable

It has been a pretty sociable week thus far; I met with Casey Bourland yesterday; she is one of my department colleagues. I believe we talked for almost two hours on on a range of topics at my favorite bar/coffee house: The Onion Creek. This place is one of the more Bohemian hangout places in the city. I have met and have had a number of great visits with complete strangers there. I say Bohemian because it is a hot spot for academics, writers, businessmen, blacks, whites, interracial couples, and your average Joe. It is also a very gay/lesbian friendly place, too.

Katrina Ong with Carson’s new puppy Abbey at Starbucks

On Wednesday it was an almost 4 hour visit with Katrina Ong. If you are ever in Houston and would like to have a conversation with one of the most passionate students I have ever met, I highly recommend you have a conversation with Ms. Ong. Not only is she well read and versed, but her knowledge and understanding of philosophy and the arts are outstanding. For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I like to highlight my best and brightest students. Better yet, those who work hard for me. Katrina took my AP United States History course last year and will be in my AP European History course during the ’08 – ’09 academic year; she was elected student council president by her peers and was very active in our theatre program too. She will have her pick of colleges to attend.


8 thoughts on “Being Sociable

  1. Why did I not have a teacher like you? Do you not get sick of always being around students? They call your cell, they text you, go out for lunch and dinner with you, even viit your house. They meet you on camus dusring he summer months to chat. That is cool.

  2. Your student is cute and she sounds very bright. Boy do you know how lucky you are to have such excellent students at Houston Christian. Everytime you mention one I become jealous. I know teacherwoman has a crush on you Ed, but I have one on your puppy. She is cute. Sorry it has been so long since I have commented. But I love reading your blog everyday. You need to post more.

  3. I met with Katrina today and talked for over 3 hours. We both agree that we need to hang out sometime this summer… she said she had a great conversation with you.

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