TCU Day One

Day one at the Texas Christian University AP European History Institute I am leading went well. As always, I have a great group of people who ask tough questions – – which I love. I have a few guest speakers coming in over the next few days as well, so that should be cool. Here is my agenda for the week:


*Introductions and Overview
*DBQ Review and Writing
*Mapping the FRQ
*Teaching Social and Reformation History Through Wills


*Introducing and Exploring Historiography
*Global Marxism and Darwinism in the Course
*Guest Speaker: Claire Sanders
*Women and Gender and European History


*Guest Speaker: John Irish on Teaching the Seminar
*Sharing Session: Dealing with the Issues of European History – – What is your Favorite
* Guest Speaker: Jodi Campbell
* Race and the Enlightenment


* Changes and Recent Developments in the Course from the Test Development
* Computer Lab
* Nationalism: French Revolution, Nationalism, Religion, and Identity
* Lunch
* Guest Speaker: Claire Sanders
* Break
* Teaching Demography and Social History via Sexuality


*Art and European History
*Wrap up and Conclude


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