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Yes, the sad state of people in America. Back in December I posted a piece entitled The Confederate Flag: Symbol of  Culture or Racism. I did not write it to offend but to create some discussion about its state and place in society; I have received more hits on this post than any other post published. Visit the post and be sure to read the comments. I have deleted some, but kept many. Some of them are pretty sad.

Here is an example of a comment left. This guy must be a rocket scientist:

Hello i’m a proud southerner.  If you disagree or make fun of my flag I will retaliate.  I think that the south was a special place.  It was full of slaves and plantations.  Without slaves, there would be no America or clothes, or food.  Slaves built the pyramids, slaves built the taj mahal and also, slaves built the WHITE House.  The confederacy is a great thing for America, I am racist and I hate Bush but one day I have a dream, that one day, all southerners and other people will UNITE AND ENSLAVE all again and the SOUTH shall be back! AMEN!



9 thoughts on “Flag Comments

  1. Some are awfully sad. I think “Redneck Billy” was just a troll looking for attention.
    I’m a proud southerner, yet I am appalled that anyone, anywhere, still wants to fly the Confederate flag. Aside from historical reasons, I don’t understand why we insist on preserving a defeated symbol that carries such a negative connotation to so many.

  2. Yeah, there are some idiots out there however, is it that big of a deal? Aren’t there more important issues? Yeah, I hate to see it flying…not because of racisim. Simply because some stupid group like the KKK hijacked it does’t make it racist. If some skin heads today took the British flag and did the same thing, should we outlaw those at rock concerts? I hate seeing it because it means redneck. lol.

    I have to say what I hate seeing are these Guevara or Castro T-shirts. You could also throw Malcom X shirts into that mix.

  3. Oh, I also think the defense of the Confed flag as “historical” is a bunch of garbage unless you are one of those reenactors. Those people who fly it and say “I’m proud of my heritage”…so, you mean you are proud of direct revolt against the United States? It’s funny…I have lived in both the north and the south. You go up north and say you are from the south and you get “Where at in the south?” You go down south and say you are from the north and you get “Oh! You’re a Yankee huh?” Yes, they are STILL fighting it. I know..I live in the south.

  4. By historical reasons, I meant that it is an important point in our history that needs to be remembered (lest it be repeated) and when I say that I am proud of the South, I mean I am proud of the contributions that the south has made to American culture: bluegrass, blues, and rock music, and the cooking (among other things).

  5. Roland, are you seriously implying that one should never revolt against their country? While I’m obviously anti-slavery and the mistreatment of minority groups, I’m a little confused as to why people can’t fight for what they believe in passionately. It’s not as though the Southerner’s of that time period failed to ask for anything in Congress or through other proper channels. Also, while the Civil War was about slavery, it wasn’t only about slavery. Finally, for the love of all that is good, would you please learn not to be a stereotyper? I mean seriously, where do you get off saying all of anyone does anything? I personally just like to ask people where they’re from. So does my family and most of the friends I have. Also, it’s Carson’s blog, and if he wants to make an entire post about anything and make a big deal out of it, he’s allowed to. His perspective of what’s important might just be a bit different than that of a white man’s.

  6. Agreed. Troll. Probably a 12 year old who thinks he’s funny.

    And I am certainly with odgie about the music comment. Thank God for blues.

  7. Jonathan..um..been posting on this blog about a month now.

    Kristi, I never said Carson could or couldn’t do something. I was just making a point. Also, not saying people should not rise up and protest or whatever. Heck, I would love to see a tax revolution. I was just pointing out a fact. The Confed flag represents anhistoric revolt agains the United States. I don’t want to get in to a big civil war argument here so I’ll just stop now before I go too far. 🙂 BTW, chill out a bit. Sheesh. Every comment to me, on this or other blog, you seem to like to jump in swinging at me. Also, where did I say “Everyone” or “Anyone”?

    Odgie, I agree with ya there 100%. Thanks for clarifying.

  8. I do not believe this person’s intelligence is that remote, neither do I believe this person is serious in his statements to the least bit. We can at least be thankful he instilled some form of debate. The confederate flag is a symbol today of racism and segregation, but once it was a flag of a rebellious secession attempting to preserve its culture and economy. In the end it lost as we all know but its martyr status and rally point as a memory of old hatred remains. It will take some time for it’s idealism to lose sway in the United States. People like our outspoken friend here do exist and it is a sad truth, I will admit. Agree with Odgie on attention seeker. Likely agree with Magiera. On Kristi’s point, people have a right to rise up, it is their duty to see how they wish to be governed, freedom and choice are more important to the revolting dead Man than the subjugated living Man under a government they despise. I hope that made sense.

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