Year 9 Day 1 of Teaching

Above: Hannah Weems, Matt Haworth, Carson, and Rav Senanayake

The first day of classes is always a challenge; I have been sprinting to get a number of last second changes made to my syllabi, as well as organize interesting discussions that are relavent to my three courses on day one. I recall as a high school and college student, day one was always a waste; we usually sat around and listened to the instructor read his or her syllabus to us as if we could not read. Now, in defense of that, I do realize most students do not read a course syllabus. So, I at least point out the most important material. The first day is the most exhausting. I am dead. The great news about today is the fact that three of my favorite former students came by campus to take me out to lunch…. Yes, it is a late lunch. But still, there is nothing better than spending time with students you genuinely like. My students know I have favorites, though I do not hide this. Do I play favorites? I would like to think not but I am sure I do.

Today marked the start of my 9th year of teaching; I am excited about the challenges that are ahead. Furthermore, I am most curious about my growth; I have long feared that as intellectually curious and academically active as I am, I might be getting too comfortable to the point of doing too much outside of the classroom. I teach bright students who are for the most part interested in my courses. This makes my already easy job that much better.

As for Houston Christian, well I am teaching my favorite classes while working in a department that appears to be bonding in a way that is different from previous years. I see the history department as a cohesive unit with much expertise. We are all so freaking smart and gifted. I have found that we tend to check our egos at the door while trying to articulate a particular point, though I will admit that I have struggled with this at times. I am most excited about the group of students I have. My AP US class is made up of a bunch of selfless participants that makes it fun to go to work. My AP European history students are many of the favorites I loved having last year in AP US history.


5 thoughts on “Year 9 Day 1 of Teaching

  1. I despise syllabus day. I have a deep love for syllabi, which I recognize as weird, and I hate that I always want to read it in advance and then I have to sit through a long period where stupid people ask questions that pertain just to them and not to the entire class. You should be allowed to throw things at these people.

  2. Eddie, have I told you how cute you are? Love the tie, hate the first day. Good for you not just doing the syllabus thing. Have a great year. Oh, I love the syllabus thing.

  3. I’m excited about AP Euro. The only thing that upsets me is that there is no one with opposing viewpoints in our period, so there really isn’t any person to debate with!

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