I am a Fantasy Nerd, Not Just An Academic

Above: Carson and his fantasy league friends at the Hampton INN

For the 15th year, the Fantasy Football League I am a member of met for our annual draft; we tend to spend a day or so hanging out and talking about life; on draft day, we conduct a pre-draft order so that each of us can make changes as it relates to drafting strategies. I drafted from the 12th position this year which really sucks. As I write this post in what we call the draft war room (really a conference room in the hotel), I am selecting my 8th round pick. For the most part, we take our league membership seriously. We all travel in from different cities and states ritually to participate in this activity. The cool thing about this group is how different we are. Each one of us are members of different professions that keep us busy… but we always find a way to escape for a couple of days. Moreover, in preparation for this activity, most if not all of us participate in pre-draft statistical analysis to measure how well a player might perform, pre-draft mock drafts (Kirk Hollis), and hours of football magazine and computer research on players we might select. All of us were able to make the draft this year except for my friend Phillip Young and Malcolm Butler. Phillip, who attended private school with me while growing up in Montgomery, and who too attended Harding University with me, had to stay in Nashville to prep for a huge court case.

I am thinking we will be back here in Searcy, Arkansas next year; however, there are rumors that we might meet in St. Louis. I am pulling for Vegas.

League commish Kirk Hollis in the war room


12 thoughts on “I am a Fantasy Nerd, Not Just An Academic

  1. I say this every year: I am surprised to read about this side of you. How is Ark? You a nerd, what do your students think? Time to hit the books again.

  2. Fantasy sports bewilder me. What’s the point other than friendship and such? Not that that’s not an important goal, but there are so many other less weird ways to achieve that. That’s an honest question by the way, so please explain.

  3. I love football, and have been campaigning for YEARS to be allowed to play in the league that my husband plays in, but there are narrow-minded (dickheads) men in the league who won’t let me in. THEY say that they’re concerned that my husband and I will conspire; I think it’s because I’m a woman. Blah.

  4. Fantasy makes following the real thing more interesting. And to an extent, there is an academic side to the process of numbers and stats, too. We even have our own webpage — though it is private.

    Man I am dead from that drive back from Ark. Even books on CD are not enough.

  5. Fantasy football?!?!?
    With all the pain and suffering in th eworld how can you put so much effort in to such a useless activity! What would Barack think of you? 🙂

  6. I used to play in a fantasy league in Houston, of all places. We met in an Irish Bar in Humble for draft day, then spent another couple of Saturdays throughout the year at Kenneally’s pub in Houston. Is that place still there?

    My best memory of all of that, other than surprising everyone with my competitive team, were the team names. One of the “owners” once got into a conversation about his “Terrific Trojans” with my MOM when she visited.

    I just don’t have the time these days. And the way the fantasy game is played has changed drastically over the past 20 some odd years.

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