Running Wild

When I got out of the hospital and slowly started recovering from brain surgery, I promised myself I would return to the days of old; before coming to Houston I was a prolific runner. It was not unusual for me to log weekly miles of 70 – 80 per week. While coaching the cross country team at CAC, I would run with my better runners only to add more miles later in the day with my own training schedule. This of course brought about a series of injuries that plunged me into a state of burnout and ultimately ending my running days. IT band syndrome was often the problem. Dating back to June I started building up my miles; I promised myself that I would not return to the days of old when I was logging insane miles. My new goal is to top my weekly miles at no more than 50 — which I will exceed by 1 mile today due to a scheduled 2 hour long run.

I have not run a marathon since 2001 and a half marathon since 2003. My PR marathon time is 3h and 55 minutes; my PR half-marathon time is 1h and 47 minutes; it is my goal to top both PR times this year. I have elected to run two half marathons this year in preparation for the March 15th Little Rock marathon. I have decided to follow the training schedule below in hopes that it will help me manage my miles. Funny, but a 6 – 8 mile run gets too easy after a while thus forcing me to extend my miles. Although I will follow the schedule below, I suspect I will at times add more miles to the schedule. My friend Julie thinks I need something more to feed my ego; I think she is right. An ego can be good at times. I like mine.

Marathon Training Schedule

Week# Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Total
1 10 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 4 34
2 12 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 4 36
3 6 Rest 4 Rest 4 Rest 4 18
4 14 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 4 38
5 16 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 5 41
6 18 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 5 43
7 6 Rest 5 Rest 5 Rest 4 20
8 20 Rest 5 7 6 Rest 4 42
9 14 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 4 38
10 7 Rest 5 Rest 6 Rest 4 22
11 21 Rest 5 7 6 Rest 4 43
12 14 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 4 38
13 8 Rest 6 Rest 6 Rest 4 24
14 22-23 Rest 5 7 6 Rest 5 45-46
15 12 Rest 6 8 6 Rest 4 36
16 14 Rest 7 Rest 5 Rest 4 30
17 10 Rest 6 Rest 4 Rest 1-2 Opt. 20-22
18 26.2 Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest Marathon


10 thoughts on “Running Wild

  1. Eddie, one more thing to conquer? Don’t you have enough to do with your classes, research, family, tennis, seminars, etc? Wow, if only I had the drive you seem to have. Good luck. However, I know you don’t really need it. Moreover, don’t feed that ego too much, it might get too heavy on those long runs. Hope to be able to cheer you on during the Little Rock marathon! Until then, run, Eddie, run!

  2. I don’t know, Eddie; I never figured out how to enjoy running, though I’ve had a quantity of people tell me that, after a while, it gets very zen-like. I’ve not quite reached running Nirvana, though. More power to you if you can.

    You’ve been cleared by an MD to do this, right? Promise me you’ll not even START until someone with a medical degree (preferably in neurology and/or cardio-pulmonary medicine) tells you it’s okay.

  3. Arkansas,

    You are way too funny. “Moreover,” I hope you will come cheer for me. The running has been a nice change of pace from my busy work life; I am actually enjoying the change. As for classes, that is what I am focusing on today; I have a ton of essays to mark and my grades are due by Tuesday. Yes this is another thing to conquer — I hope. I was kidding about the ego.

    mrschili — I agree with the zen-like comment. Addiction can be dangerous. I have been really bad about making my scheduled dr. appts. I hope to get in soon, but I think all is well. I have felt great of late. My neurologist’s number is in my cell; I guess I need to use it.

  4. Since we’ve missed each other through email and phone calls, perhaps we could schedule runs were we can discuss our writing project(s). This would be a time of great discussion and of course great exercise. Up for a run tommorow in the early, early a.m.?

  5. Eddie- Brain surgery??? What! When! Haven’t read your blog in a while- taking this early morning hour to catch up. Let me just say I am glad you are recovering and starting a running routine. I remember how much you used to run when we were neighbors. I am trying to get back in shape as well after baby #2- but have taken up walking for a start. I would love to train for a marathon- it is on my life list of to dos- so I need to get started at least before I’m over the hill. : ) PS glad you were safe during Ike!

  6. Keep up the good work! I have always seen running as a great way to stay in shape and conditioned from other sports. Speaking form a fellow runner, I admire your 50 miles a week cap, being that I only do about 22 miles a week.

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