Freshman Year

I received this picture today via facebook. This shot was taken my freshman year at Harding University; I suspect we are standing in the room of either Roger Butner or Phil Young in Graduate Residence Hall. Young (# 97) and I both attended Alabama Christian Academy together; Young and I along with Bryan McDermott are also in the same Fantasy Football League; we met for a weekend on August 22nd — our 15th year together. My first year at Harding was great in that I had a great deal of academic success, met a number of people I liked, and thoroughly enjoyed my instructors. I did consider leaving Harding due to its conservative nature, but remained to the end. I was younger and much smarter then. As my close friends will tell you, my ego was much bigger too. Phil is a lawyer practicing in the city of Nashville; he has been there since he finished law school at Vandy. I cannot start to tell you how many Alabama football games we watched in his room. I think I look older then than I do now. Although I have worked with harding University on a few projects and committees, I have since separated myself from the university (read about it here).


11 thoughts on “Freshman Year

  1. I think you are pretty cocky here. hm, have not changed have you? that is okay, i love you for your intellect. looks too. so, was it history and politics that pulled you guys together, or sports? I did not realize you were into sports this much.

  2. You are really wearing nike acg sandals with socks. And I am really admitting on the world wide web that I know what those sandals are.

  3. I just read your “My Name is Elrod Too” post via the link on this article. I have to say I agree, but then, you probably could have guessed that. I appreciated CAC in that it was a better education than one I would have received in a public school (my parents live in a really poor part of town, which shouldn’t matter but we all know it does), but I knew the views presented to me were generally quite limited.

    I do have one question: I was always told that CAC had to hire only COC teachers in order to remain accredited as a COC school. Is that really how it works, or was I misinformed–or do I remember incorrectly?

    Oh, and not that it’s really relevant, but Roger’s younger sister is my best friend.

  4. Carson,

    I will be submitting this photo for VH1’s next episode of “I Love The 90’s.” Is that okay with you? I mean, with socks/sandals combo and tee shirt tucked into bright red shorts, you are the epitome of 90’s.

    I read your “My Name is Elrod Too” post, and I was quite saddened. The fact that a university would censor a professor who goes against their views is a shame. This is the reason I have always been hesitant of schools with religious affiliations when checking out colleges. While I am a Christian, I believe that Religion should never interfere with the freedom to engage in intellectual discourse in the classroom. Is it just me, or are small Liberal universities without religious affiliations that are not impossible to get into hard to come by?

  5. Just as a University should allow free flowing thought, so should a Political Science Professor but, alas, Elrod not only took his blog private but, prior to doing so, banned me from posting there because of my pointing out the hypocrisy and inconsistency on the left (which included him). You can talk all you want about the University needing to be more open but when the political science teacher, the one who should be very open, is as closed minded as he is (in and out of the classroom – I know from experience), the argument is moot.

  6. LOL I was afraid I would be the only one to comment on the socks and sandals…but I see not one but TWO people beat me too it:-)

  7. Hahaha awsome picture. Im lovin the look. you should wear those clothes more often. Were you freinds with any hippies back then? haha i guess not since you saids its conservative.
    lovin this picture

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