Yes We Can Mr. President!!!



45 thoughts on “Yes We Can Mr. President!!!

  1. The world is happy with us for a time. Maybe they’ll be nicer to us now. In six months when they realize we’re in the same places doing the same things we’ll see what they start thinking.

  2. I’m finding myself choking back tears all day. I’ve never been so engaged in the workings of my country, nor so convinced that I matter.

    We’re planning to be in DC for the inauguration. I can hardly wait.

  3. Bow down to Comrade Obama.

    People need to stop being bitter. Come on now; Obama isn’t even close to being a socialist.

  4. I think Neal Boortz put it well. Wecome to the “I want my Mommy” new America. Hard work, achievment and success are now bad. Letting Govco run your life is good.

  5. Read a history book, people. The Democratic party has, and never will be, socialist.

    If Obama was a true socialist, he would not have won with twice the electoral votes. There is no WAY our country would embrace socialism in that way.

  6. Roland, AMEN!

    Dillon, the only way we could oppose something is if we knew we were voting for that. Since Obama is such a good speaker (And wow is he! He is more smooth than Bill) he has been able to say “hey the government is going to do this, this, and this” and it sounds so good that he has even been able to throw the people who support socialism off his trail

  7. I am sick of political arguments, too … I want to invite Carson and all of the fans of the Proletarian … from the far left to the far right … to an event being hosted by the HCHS missions club (Connect2All) tentatively scheduled after school on November 13th … we will be making sack lunches (PB&J sandwiches, drinks, chips, fruit, etc.) for the homeless that will be delivered to a ministry that will hand-deliver them to our fellow Houstonians the next day. So, I would love to see us unite across the political spectrum to volunteer to help the poor in a tangible way with a donation of our own goods and time. Listen for announcements … I am pretty sure that you will be able to sign up to bring supplies in Mr. Malouf’s room, located conveniently across from Carson’s room.

    This will be a great time for all of us to BE the body of Christ.

    ~Staci Brown

  8. Hey Mrs. Brown,

    I would love to help out with the Mission club. Is there anything I can do that doesn’t involve peanut products though?

  9. Yeah I’m done arguing too. But not because Obama won, only because I believe that our nation is divided not by race or class, but politics.

  10. I like that article a lot, DIllon. Very well articulated depiction of how the entire campaign was run.
    Oh, and Carson, they use “commonsensical” in the article. Your becoming more famous every day!

  11. President-Elect Obama is the right man at the right time with the right ideas to “get this country back on track.”

    That he is African-American is a wonderful coincidence. A double win for America.

    I’ve never before watched election returns with tears in my eyes and a stuffy nose!

  12. Oh, that’s right Dillon…once someone is elected we should never question anything they say or do again, is that it? Sheesh. That’s the problem with many Liberals…they walk around with the attitude of “how dare you ask me questions or question my answers!” Funny thing is….we know more about Palin and Joe the Plumber than we do about Obama…all because people didn’t ask questions or demand answers.

  13. I am sooooo excited that so many of you plan to help Missions Club with the sandwiches!!! We will have to take pictures and post them on the blog!!!

    I will have to see if Missions club will have a non-peanut product room for that particular project … but I know that we will have plenty of other totally non-peanut related projects in the future.

    I will check with Mr. Malouf about this project …

    … sorry to be allergy insensitive … we were worried about refrigeration and peanut butter does better than lunch meat with limit refrigeration …

    ~Mrs. Brown

  14. Roland,

    I never said we should not question Obama. I just thought we could give it a rest for a day or two. Or not…

    And people asked a lot of questions about Obama. How do we know he is not a Muslim? How do we know he was born in the U.S.? Is he experienced enough? Too bad they were so ridiculous.

  15. Jim Brown, that is not too far off from the type of mess I was referring to in the other strand! Although she is not a candidate … who cares what she is wearing? Please quit making yourself seem like such a cad! My students and colleagues are wondering about my taste in men!

    Can you believe that man Mrs. Brown married?!?!

  16. Jim Brown,

    I have been laughing for a solid five minutes now about your comment. I agree with you though, it is not the best looking dress I have ever seen. I wonder how much it cost?

  17. fine … maybe I am being too sensitive … but … come on! Let’s at least talk about some guy’s tie or hair cut … or something equally shallow about a man … like Biden and botox or something … just kidding!

  18. Has anyone else noticed how much grayer Obama has gotten over the past few months? He is starting to look like an old man!

    (that was for you Mrs. Brown)

  19. poor michelle… maybe she should have called her good friend sarah palin and they could have gone shopping together… just kidding. 🙂

  20. Okay Mrs. Brown. The blue shirt he was wearing during the national anthem was cool. I am glad he decided not to cover it with his hand. And before you guys get all over me I’m just kidding.

  21. Oh and Dillon no that is not what I was saying, however it is true. What I mean is one of the biggest dividing lines in our country is politics.

    I know about time I answered that one. what was it like a week ago. Lol

  22. Mrs. Brown, respectfully, I don’t think it was the best idea to suggest that we talk about what people were wearing instead of presenting beliefs and debating about them. Instead of being a blog where we can talk and debate over beliefs it will become a place to make shallow criticisms and jokes about outward appearances. It was a good try to stop arguments and political prejudice, but all it will do is cause more argument, but instead of it being a sharing of intellectual and political ideas it will come down to unintelligent shallow questioning of peoples character based off of appearances.

  23. Josh … I said it in jest … after my husband decided to act more like my “kid brother” or something and trash Michelle Obama’s dress just to annoy me …exactly because I HATE talking about shallow stuff like that … I was just trying to make the point that if we talk about those things about women we should talk about those things about me … then I said “just kidding” … precisely because I did not really want to send people back to the files of photos looking for evidence of botox and bad fashion choices … Dillon et al were just joining in the Brown family fun (I think) and enjoying our semi-public display of silliness. I would never EVER want this conversation to turn into something shallow … I love to “hear” what you all have to say … I have learned so much from and about each of you.

    … no … if it were up to me, the entire world would wear pajamas everyday … or maybe jeans and t-shirts … I think we would all get along so much better … So I am certainly NOT a member of the fashion police.

  24. Hey HCHS-types,

    The mission club lunch making for the homeless will be on the 20th … not the 13th … so mark your calendars. I will have more details soon! 🙂

    ~Staci Brown

  25. Carson,

    Yes. My first thought upon seeing her was “did she just slaughter something and forget to wipe off the blood?” Maybe it was symbolic of the slaughtering of McCain/Palin.

    Apparently that exact dress is back ordered though, so some people must like it.

  26. i’m glad obama is present even though one of my closet members
    of my family is mad at me haha it is time for a change and see how everything goes. both speeches were good and i felt bad for palin
    and mccain though, but it was a long and enduring campaign and they
    should be glad that they were second place i guess haha =)

    and people seriously need to stop with the racist comments
    they’re bugging the crap out of me
    just have faith

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