Teaching Great Students #2

As I addressed here, I have decided to devote a blog post every Friday to teaching. I hope to address a lesson, a discussion, or introduce my students and their interests. Below are pictures of the work of all three sections of my Advanced Placement United States history classes; here they are analyzing primary documents on the board. Based on what I read from students’ course evaluation of me last week, they seem to like this type of stuff. Here is how it works:

  1. Select a number of primary sources that relate to what you are reading or teaching. In this case, I selected a set of documents from a New England town prior to the American Revolution.
  2. Place students in groups. Then, have each group rotate to various sources on the board; have them read and analyze the sources. They should note the extent of what the sources are saying and its point of view. Furthermore, students should add additional outside information that links the sources to the textbook reading. All notes should be placed on the board.
  3. Allow the work to remain up so that other groups and sections can study the sources and either correct or modify the analysis placed on the board. Students cannot erase any notes unless it is an egregious error.

im000498Example 1

im000499Example 2


15 thoughts on “Teaching Great Students #2

  1. Hey…should you not be working on some paper instead of blogging?

    Kidding. I enjoyed our lunch today. Would love to do it again when you are not in writing mode.

    Remember that the Starbucks @ Westheimer & 610 is open 24 hours. But if you are feeling especially liberal, some great coffee shops in the Heights/Montrose area are open until early am. Have fun!

  2. I should be; I am in good shape though I have a few things to tighten up. It was great visiting with you for lunch today. You need to make more stops my way. Oh I will be fine in my study while my 6 month old puppy Abbey drives me crazy. Thanks brother.

  3. I am totally going to try that in class! Great idea…I am really trying to get more primary source documents in so the kiddos will be better prepared for world and us.

    Hope your presentation went amazing! I had another migraine this morning so I have been out of commission till a few hours ago and have been writing up a storm but feel like I am making no progress. I need to get the name of that guy so I can email him and get some info for sources, etc.

  4. Patrick: It went very well; I did not have as much time to really address all aspects of my paper, but the audience was great.

    casey: I am on it (name). I love primary docs. It is the best way to study history. Thanks for the congrats.

  5. Hm. Now I’m not so envious of your students. I tend to like to remain pretty invisible in class. It really looks great for people who aren’t socially phobic, though. (There was an awkward compliment…)

  6. Hey Carson, just because I knew that you would get a kick out of this. I was just browsing through a couple of your earlier posts (too bad you didn’t have as many visitors back then πŸ™‚ ). Anyways, take a look back to your post from October 2006 entitled “Hey Dean Thompson, Lawmakers Want Teachers to Carry Guns” and look at the cartoon that you led off with…….That lady has an uncanny resemblance to someone who hadn’t even eye yet don’t you think? Not to mention, the gun toting portion of it was pretty “dead” on in my opinion.

  7. I found you via Mrs. Chili. I’m stunned that you can blog so openly, with your name and the name of your school published for all the world to see, while I, an anonymous blogger, have been shut down by my school’s paranoid administrators.

  8. CTG:

    I have been to your very popular blog a number of times and have enjoyed reading it. I am not too far from being put out of business. My heads of school have given me some space here. Not all are happy, but I figure my blog represents the very best in terms of the academic nature we educators have. I have a number of teachers, much like your blog, who come this way and offer great comments. I would hope they value me and my ability to challenge the nature of free thinkers. Yes, I am a bit of an idealist.

    Patrick: Yes, I think that was posted back when I was just getting started. I will take a look.

    Justthisgirl: So, are you shy? If so, you are very different from your sis. You would love to talk in my class — I think.

  9. Glad your presentation went well.

    I do not see any reason that the administration would ask you to close down the Proletarian. You do not post anything extremely controversial on here…though I wish you would. Everyone is already aware of your Leftness.

  10. You are pretty moderate on this blog, I must say. But I understand the pusrpose of it as noted with this post. Helping the world understand what we do. I am waiting for a post on your presentation.

  11. thats really great how you teach us from a different point of view and style
    and i think it makes the student more capable for the work in collage.

    i really enjoy your class and i like your teaching style, your point of view is very interesting.

  12. Carson, somehow I missed your reply until just now. Yeah, I’m pretty different than Kristi in that way. Until I get really comfortable with people, I don’t say a word. Of course, I’m like Kristi once I get to know people, in that I never shut up! πŸ˜‰

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