God Does Not See Red States or Blue States…Just Faithful States

I came across this story from my favorite college teacher; I find this piece published in the Abilene Reporter disturbing for attacking the student paper at ACU (Abilene Christian University) In essence, this guy is saying God and rich people hate ACU for supporting Obama; does that mean He hates me too? I doubt it. This guy is serving his own agenda — not that of Christians. As a Christian who supports Obama, I do not think God hates me. Read the entire article here. It is pretty good — but sad.

Here are a few snippets:

It’s a sad day for Abilene Christian University, and it’s going to get worse if things don’t change. Why?

The ACU on-campus paper endorsed Barack Obama for president. Ironically, this will mean bad economic news for students. Ironic because they endorsed Obama for economic reasons. How? Lost donations and tuition.

Over the last hundred years, who has given to ACU (tuitions and donation)? Who has endorsed the school, encouraged attendance and been loyal through thick and thin? Conservative Christians. Opponents of abortion.

Why does it cost $5,000 to $6,000 per year or more for ACU than Harding University (a Church of Christ school in Arkansas)? It’s the economics of a failure to stand up for biblical truth, and the campus support for liberalism — including this most recent endorsement by The Optimist for Obama.

Why is the attendance for Harding 1,000 to 2,000 higher than ACU? Why are West Texas families — who attended ACU themselves — sending their children to Harding (it’s getting rampant; I’ve personally met many)? Again, it’s the economics of liberal endorsements.

Proverbs 14:34, “God-devotion makes a country strong; God-avoidance leaves people weak.” NLT

Lord, forgive our Christian schools and nation for voting money over morals. Remind us that you are our eternal IRA and that you promised to take care of us if we’d only put Kingdom things first. Please create the circumstances in our lives and our nation that lead us to do just that. In Jesus’ name, amen.


16 thoughts on “God Does Not See Red States or Blue States…Just Faithful States

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again here: If God hates me/condemns me to hell, he’s got a lot more to do it on than my voting record. I’m consistently thankful for grace and mercy.

  2. Oh, and to clarify, I understand that God doesn’t send anyone to hell, but rather your actions and the sum of your life place you there, that was just the most concise way to say it. Now that I’ve rambled on and on, I’ll stop.

  3. Forgive me for asking Kristi, but you have mentioned that God may not be fully graceful to you if you were to confess your sin. Is there a reason behind that?

  4. Just some of my thoughts:

    Most of the article may be accurate in terms of economic impact and so forth, and people have a right to be upset if they hold strongly to conservative political views and believe the university should, too.

    That being said, what disturbs me is when anyone attempts to think they know the mind of God on something as diverse and complex as politics. I’m sure that there are things God likes and dislikes about both political parties, political candidates, etc..,…While one party may have a stance on abortion and homosexuality that is more in line with Biblical teaching, another party may have a stance on compassion and charity that is more in line with Biblical teaching. In such cases, a Christian on each side of the fence believes they are standing up for what is important to the heart of God.

    You and I may not vote for the same person, but I don’t know everything or see everything big picture-wise and neither do you. We all must learn to defend our positions and state our beliefs…while at the same time respecting the fact that others may not see it our way and yet their stance calls for respect as well.

  5. Further….

    Here’s an example of what I mean:

    Person A responding to a postion he or she doesn’t agree with:

    “I don’t agree with that at all. Here’s what I believe……”

    Person A is passionate about their beliefs and stands up for what they think is right….but does it in the right way.

    Person B responding to a position he or she doesn’t agree with:

    “You’re stupid to believe that. I hope God has mercy on you for such a stupid belief….”

    Person B is also passionate about their beliefs, but has chosen to belittle someone else and their beliefs instead of sticking with making their points regarding what they believe.

    This is why I allow for discourse and disagreement on our website on a variety of topics, but shut it down quickly when/if the discourse becomes personal or seeks to belittle someone else with labels or name calling. I am intolerant of that kind of discourse as it is wholly non-productive.

  6. Hey Eddie,

    Good take on this. I have one of my own up as well. And Kirk, how are things? Good to see you online. Hope you, Kim, and the kids are well. Good comments from everyone.

  7. That’s not what I said. It also wasn’t really the purpose of my comment. I’m happy to address my personal faith somewhere other than hijacking Carson’s blog, though.

  8. *begin rant*

    I think I just threw up a little. This is the exact reason that I will NEVER attend a university with a religious affiliation. Stand where you stand, but I am so sick of ill-informed conservatives justifyig their political beliefs with Christianity. They act like all of us liberals are going to burn in hell. A few days ago most of the students in one of my classes acted like I was not a true Christian because I support same-sex marriage.

    I wish I could understand why Conservative Christians seem to be so good at brainwashing people.

    *end rant*

  9. Dillon-

    I understand your plight. It’s exactly the reason why I didn’t apply to any schools with religious affiliation.

    A word of warning, though: it only gets worse. Just wait until next year’s Bible class. You will go crazy; I don’t think I’ve been so mad before that class.

  10. Universities consist of a variety of people. It helps if you don’t take the stance of one or a few people and make it the view of the university as a whole. Generalizing is one of the most dangerous things we can do in terms of open discourse being the goal. To generalize to something as broad as “Conservative Christian” and say that you could possibly understand how the entire group thinks is suspect. I am a Conservative Christian and my beliefs may have some similarities to other Conservative Christians, but in many ways, they are unique.

    We should all try to avoid generalized labeling. The world is much bigger than just conservative-liberal. We limit ourselves when we think like that.

  11. I am a conservative and a Republican. As much as I like to hear about college students who are conservatives, I do not agree with this student. This student has no right to condemn those who supported Obama. Jesus makes it clear in the gospel of John that men can’t condemn each other or judge another’s sin because all men are full of sin. God is the only one that can judge us, and to claim that a human can understand the complexity and mind of God is utterly ridiculous.

    Plus, I honestly don’t think that people would stop giving donations to ACU because they are “bad Christians.” It is more likely that people would stop giving donations based on what their political views are. I’m not saying that it is okay for people to stop donating based on someone’s political views (it is our right to express our beliefs and support who we want). However, people seem to do just that.

    I personally am against abortion. I have talked to many people who support abortion. I do not judge them as it is not my place to decide if they area a true Christian. This is not at all what Christianity is about, and it hurts me to see Christians sink so low as to ask God to condemn who they see as “unfaithful Christians.”

  12. Dillon-I just want to say that I’m sorry for what happened in class the other day. I personally wanted to have an intellectual discussion with you on the topic, but everyone else turned it into an “attack Dillon” debate. I have nothing but the utmost respect for your opinions. I don’t think that you’re going to burn in hell. In regards to your comment about conservatives justifying their views with Christianity, I don’t use Christianity to justify my ideals; I use it to guide me.

  13. Tut,

    Notice how I said “ill-informed conservatives.” You do not fall under that category. Evangelical Christians are to Conservatism as limo liberals are to Liberalism. The unintelligent always make the intelligent look bad.

    And I completely agree with you; we have no right to decide who is/is not a good Christian. That is God’s job, and I have a feeling that he could care less about our political views.

    Thanks for the apology, I appreciate it. I should have known what I was getting into, but oh well. It is not a big deal.

  14. I wonder why we as a society associate political mess with religion? I realize this has been the norm dating back to Jefferson?

    Kirk: I like that you do that; it is good, fun, and healthy; I think this guy has the right to express his thoughts; however, I think his argument is unsubstantiated; he is saying one college continues to grow and get better because they support a much more conservative party: the Republican party. I wonder if he realized George H.W. Bush was Pro-Choice at one point?

  15. devastating.
    I myself am a christian conservative too, and I also held the belief that obama was the antichrist for a long time. The more that i examine him however, I feel he is not. But it’s just terrible when things like this happen though, it gives people like me a bad name.

  16. I’m chiming in to acknowledge that I’ve read, but I’m going to refrain from further comment. I have nothing useful to add, and I’d rather not stir up any trouble about this – my impression is that nothing I have to say will be welcomed by a lot of people here.

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